Thursday, July 15, 2010

I Ain't That Stupid

Jesus Christ, some people just don't get it..
Oh My God!!  Nancy Pelosi is coming to the Net Roots National Convention!! Piss my fucking pants and eleventy eleven, Whoo Hoo!
Bonus, Harry Fucking Reid is too!!

Oh My Fucking God, where is my Sharpie..

Kiss my fucking ass.
You two sonsabitches have laid down like a two bit whore after ya had a fucking majority and cried like little bitches that you have  had to pull your skirts up because the Republicans just won't cooperate unless there are corporate tax breaks and God Forbid, Estate taxes need to be repealed, no extention of the Unemployment benefits, Social Security needs to be gutted and God forbid, you have a fucking woman for a Supreme court nomination.

Both of ya need a good kick in the crotch.

I saw where that spineless mother fucker Harry Ried was whining that Obama wasn't tough enough on the Rebublicans. You fucking cunt.

You dick sucking whiny assed loser bitch.

My fucking ass, you rotten sonofabitch.


You couldn't beat yourself out of a wet paper bag.
Fuck, Pelosi has bigger balls than you.

Where the fuck were you the last five years?
Sucking obstructionist Republican cock, that's where.

Oh, we don't have enough votes, the Republicans are going to Fillibuster, yadda fucking yadda.

You pussy mother fucker. Ram your fucking agenda down their fucking throats and if they want to fillibuster, make damn sure they have a few cots and some fucking hot tea.

Now ya have some crazy fucking bitch taking you on and you can't even handle that shit.

Fuck you Harry Reid and suck my fucking dick old man.

If that crazy bitch Angle whips yer ass in the Primary, it will go  a long way to rehabilitate the Electoral process..
Just think, Michelle Bachmann won't be the craziest fucking moron in Congress any more and you and old Bitch McConnell can have a nice honeymoon. After ya just fucked over the millions of folks who were counting on some fucking unenjoyment, gave billions to the cunt fucking bastards in the banking industry and let BP get away with killing three fucking states and a few hundred thousand former tax payers, it's time for you to retire. Take Joe Fucking Lieberman with ya.

I absolutely look forward to you getting your ass handed to you come November and having to deal with that rotten cunt fucking corporate whore, MR. Orange, fake tan, Bohner.

If it comes to that,,. go crawl in a corner and die, you have been a singularly weak assed politician with an extraordinary chance to change the course of history in this country and have failed spectacularly.


  1. Nasty Girl11:14 PM

    You get him baby! Harry Reid is an idiot, pussy mother fucker, who couldn't change a light bulb, let alone the course of history in this country. I hope he goes the fuck away and takes the other two stooges, bitch Pelosi and bastard Obama with him!

  2. Busted,gonna put my psychic abilities to work here.Oh wait I am sensing hostility towards lying pussies in office.


  3. T.Morlan6:14 AM

    Spot the fuck on dude!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous1:47 PM

    "you have a fucking woman for a Supreme court nomination."

    Are u sure this is "she"?
    Ain't fucking look like a female to me. I honestly think its a combo. Since anyone can go back and forth with sex changes.

  5. You forgot Ben Nelson..

  6. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!! The Dems had a super-majority in both the House and the Senate, they didn't need to blow the GOP. Pelosi, Reid acted like a bunch of crackheads fighting over a used needle. Pelosi looks like the "loser" in a SF Bay area, Golden Showers Festival. O/B, nailed it, The Dems could have helped the American people, I will now try to learn Mandarin Chinese. EBL