Thursday, July 08, 2010

I like Comments

When you all have a reply to what I have to say, it makes me feel like I actually have something intelligent to say instead of just spewing words into the ether like a Bukkake film.
Know what I mean?

Apparently my comment feature is completely fucked up right now.
After Haloscan went tits up, I tried a couple of different venues and no one was happy.
I even paid money for one system and they pissed me off a week later so I told them to go pound sand in their ass and keep the lunch money.
That pissed off the guy in charge and he Emailed me so I replied to his face and still told him to keep the lunch money.

Now, I am having mystery issues, the Disqus that I had installed disappeared by some miracle and I really don't know what the fuck is directing my comments.
I tried to re install it, took me a fucking hour and a ton of hassle, I'll be fucked if I know if it worked.

I know that I am just like everyone else that absolutely hates having to type in those fucking confirmation words, seriously, they piss me off.
The downside of not having to do that are those intestinal worms called Spammers, they immediately infest this joint and I have to spend a bunch of time deleting their shit when I could be drinking beer.
Six of one, half a dozen of the other.

So, I am going to leave this up to you guy's. If ya want me to get rid of comment moderation, let me know.
If I have to spend a bunch of time deleting those Spammer cunts, I'll do it until I don't feel like it anymore.
Just so ya know, all comments also show up in my Email account and I can delete your ass either way.
It's up to you, I really like the inter action and treasure your comments but I also have to level that with those fucking bastards who leave some kind of Asian Spammer shit all the time.
It's your call, I am going to keep ranting either fucking way because I AM DAMN GOOD AT IT.

Thanks fer stopping by.


  1. one knows your comment misery LIKE I DO..

    After changing my template and going to Intense Debate, I lost five years of comments...all of them on Leftwing Nutjob.

    BUt I have a system now I like and people who couldn't comment on my old system JS-fucking-Kit can now stop and leave me a thought or pov.

    I refuse to use Bloggers because it is so limited and I like to ban the trash that occasionally finds my blog and spews their fuckery. I don't get spammers...just ignorant rightwing nutters.

    I will comment no matter what friggin system you and others use. It's no big really...its what the writer likes and feels comfortable my humble opinion anyway.

  2. whatever works best for you dood -- its your blog and as long as i have a way to comment, i'm a happy camper

  3. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Oh, I've missed this. Loved going to the comments almost as much as reading the blog sometimes, but when you got Disqus I couldn't get in. All the sites I go to that installed it would just sit there and load forever, and come up with a message "Problem loading Disqus?" and that was it. If your comments have dropped that could be why. Glad you posted this, decided to try to get in and let you know about the prob. Would have told ya that some of your posts have been great if I could have. Disqus bites IMHO.

  4. Yeah like Dusty I don't get spam just nut bags from the right trying to challenge every thought I have. I went to word press and I'm still working out the bugs. Overall I like it better than blogger.
    Computer trauma, you got to love it.

  5. Anonymous6:04 AM

    I don't mind using Openid. I agree with Suzanne. I would not want to deal with having to delete spam either - but it's your blog Busted so suit yourself.
    You're on my "daily read" list and as long as you post at least semi-regularly, I'll be here with you.

  6. Anonymous6:24 AM

    Well, yes, it is not a big deal if there is really something to say. Plus "perfectly" anonymous. I've tried Opera and their blogging is awesome. No system rejects over any fucking words and looks like a charm. Build-in gallery, building "friends" network and some other cool shit. I became a real fan of Opera lately. Kinda kool browser with a bunch of features, file sharing as wellI am ranting on my blog page and no spammers so far.

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  8. Anonymous8:08 AM

    OB, try Opera, for Ron Pauls's sake...

  9. Hello Friend,

    Thanks very much for added my link on your Blog, thanks for kind words regarding my Blog.

    Thanks again and all the best with your endeavours!


  10. For you, Busted, I'll gladly spend the word verification time. I mean, beer is beer. Gotta have priorities!!!

  11. Nasty Girl5:13 PM

    Baby, whatever works for you. I did like disqus better but, this is fine and the word verification is no biggie. As long as your blogging, I'll be right here with you, leaving my comments from the right! Smooch.

  12. Anonymous6:02 PM

    Much more important to drink beer than mess with removing spam. I'll type the frakking word even though it interferes with my beer drinking time.

  13. Hi Busted,

    I'm not much of a commenter, but I read every word you blog. Keep 'em coming.

    Word verification is no biggie.

    Your cousin,

  14. I give a damn, as long as I can give ya shit once in a while, bro. Heh ...

  15. ok. As an old fart who has no idea WTF you are talking about I would just like to say that I read your blog every week. And I enjoy your comments about politics. Keep it up.

    While the commonocracy is dying and the corporate oligarchs are taking over-thru buying the votes of congress via the legal bribery scheme that congress set up-I would like you to think about this. What Authoritarianism is-google it, there are lots of studies about this subject. Read them and weep for us.

  16. You just keep doing what ya do my friend. I, for one, will do what it takes to keep your beer time at its maximum level.

    P.S. Thank you for your kind comments, they mean alot to me and did not go unnoticed!

  17. Ayuh - whatevah works for you, brother. We'll still be stopping by and typing the word is no big deal. If I couldn't put enough time into a comment than would be offset by the milliseconds it takes to type the word... geeze.

    And I like the word... mine tonight is jismazing! I'll be on in no time.