Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dirty Dutch Bastards

The Netherlands were disgusting today and I'm glad they lost the World Cup to Spain.

That's what happens when one team is playing football and the other team is playing a combination of hockey and pro wrestling and toddler-temper-tantrum-throwing.

Holland only had one player sent off and it should have been FOUR. Johnny Heitinga had to go for his second yellow after the foul on Iniesta, who would have been through on goal. But Arjen Robben should have gotten a second yellow for kicking the ball away long after the whistle, Mark Van Bommel should have seen a second yellow well before halftime and Nigel de Jong should have seen a straight red for that studs-up boot to Xabi Alsonso's chest!

Dirk Kuyt from The Netherlands says the ref cost them the game but I call complete fucking bullshit on that. If anything the ref kept them IN it with bad calls, not the other way around. He was far too reluctant to send somebody off in a World Cup Final.

From Arjen Robben's constant whining to Mark Van Bommel's outright brutality that was the most cynical display by a national team that I can ever remember witnessing. They were outplayed by Spain and knew they would be so they just came out hacking.

Van Bommel was particularly bad. It looked like he didn't give a shit about anything but trying to injure somebody, with Andres Iniesta and Xavi (Spain's two best players) as his main targets.

Andres Iniesta, universally known as one of the game's laid back gentlemen and all around nice guys, finally got tired of his bullshit and hacked back. It says a lot that Iniesta would do that because he just plays the game and gets on with it. Van Bommel was fucking out of control and shame on the ref for letting him get away with it.

With the exception of the goalkeeper, the entire Dutch team lost any respect I ever had for them today. I never had much for Arjen Robben...when he played for Chelsea my EPL fantasy team was named "Diving Robbens" in his (dis)honor.

Spain's style of play comes from the fact that most of the team play together at FC Barcelona. The great Dutchman Johan Cruyff (who led The Netherlands to back to back World Cup Finals in 1974 and 1978 but lost them both) put that style into place when he played for and later coached Barcelona.

The Netherlands today is a far cry from the beautiful short passing game that Cruyff espoused and Spain have mastered. The Netherlands today are a team of whiners, cheaters and thugs. They were outplayed but more importantly they were outclassed. It is one thing to lose when you can hold your head high after. It is quite another to disgrace yourselves the way they did.

That is sweet fucking see them undone by the genius of one of their own. And not even just one of their own but the best they've ever produced. Sweet fucking justice, indeed. I love it.


p.s. - Yes, I'll give it a rest with the football posts now. You're off the hook until 2014 in Brazil. Wish I was in Spain right now. God damn, what a party that's gonna be...


  1. Anonymous9:45 PM

    There should be an Instant Replay/Review system where the official, if proved wrong, would be immediately beheaded. Think of the ratings boost!

  2. Anonymous3:11 AM

    N = Nasty
    E = Enrage
    T = Trash
    H = Hurl
    E = Embarras
    R = Ruin
    L = Lousy
    A = Abominable
    N = Nerd
    D = Demoniac
    S = Scrap

    Stop the dirty football !!!!!!

    Spain deserves the World Cup 2010, the Netherlands deserves the curse of loosing.

    Go Spain Bravo!!!!!

  3. Anonymous6:31 AM

    Are u folks calling Holland (Netherlands) people "Dutchman" for any particular reason? Cos Denmark and Holland are 2 different countries.

    If the Holland's team is so nasty, what has Denmark folks has to do with it?

  4. Anonymous:

    Words Fail Me.



  5. This was the first time I had ever gotten into watching soccer, and even I found myself yelling at the TV. Agree with you, those guys were shamefull.

  6. I'll be in Amsterdam next month. Heh ...

  7. Fixer...say Hi to the folks at the Bulldog for me