Monday, July 26, 2010

I Am Whupped.

Tired doesn't begin to describe it, fuck, I am getting old.

Apparently I still have something going on if it took me a whole weekend and a day at work to make me fall down.
I would like to take a minute to adress Linda P who was so offended by my use of the perjorative,Split Tail when I was talking about my Girl friend and her sisters.
Yes, I can see where you could be greatly offended by that except you really don't know me when I tell you it was used as a term of affection.
I have know these three ladies for thirty fucking years and we all have a comeraderie and use sometimes crude language. Let me tell every one who reads this, it is a running joke, along with make me a sammich, get me a fucking beer and no, I ain't painting your god damn toe nails.

Get a sense of humor folks, we have.

One other thing I see that you all miss by a mile, this Blog is my alter ego.
I get drunk and go off like a Tasmanian Devil in heat, when in reality, I am one of the sweetest guys you will meet in your entire life.
If you think I am kidding, ask my girl friend, my mother, both of my Grand mothers, my aunts, my nieces and my ex fucking girl friends who still love me.
Hell, even my ex wife tolerates me.

Apparently I haven't made this obvious.
Either way, my alter ego is still part of me, ya sonsabitches, deal with it.

I can be a rotten fucking bastard, but I still have a sweet side. The Girl friend was beside her self when I wanted to cuddle for a bit, apparently there are some real dirty fucking bastards out there and I just happen to be the first nice fucking guy in her life, I am the very first guy to give her roses on Valentines day and make her breakfast in bed..She has been seriously deprived in my book.
I dunno, maybe I ain't Superman but I am putting out the effort.
She is a good woman and I am one lucky bastard she likes me.
We are both getting older and have figured out how to let the little shit go.No fighting, we have agreed on that, it's a biggy with me. We can discuss things but fighting is out.
She is still very beautiful and smokin' hot, all I can do at this point is to hope I don't hurt myself trying to keep her happy. I like her to be happy.
Smooch baby, I know you are going to read this later.
She loves me, ain't no doubt about that.
So, don't take my obvious mysogyny at face value, I am teasing you in good faith ladies, except the ones I ain't and that should be obvious.
It don't say ornery bastard up top fer no reason.
Thanks fer stopping by.


  1. Nasty Girl12:38 AM

    Absolute truth, ladies. He is the sweetest man I have ever met. And sexy too for an older man, at least to me. I am one lucky woman. And for him to have revealed to his readers that he has a sweet side under that ornery exterior is off the charts. Thank you baby. You are a good man. You do make me very happy and you don't have to hurt yourself trying. I'm easy. I like you to be happy also and I love doing it too. Smooch to you too baby. I love you.

  2. If you have to explain it, the dumb broad never had a fucking clue to begin with. Fuck her.

  3. What ya really ain't a grumpy fuckin asshole that hates everthin and everbody ya ain't sexist?You're really a nice guy O christ say it ain't so! Fuckin shoulda known with kittens and all.One female was offended!One,think everybody else got it?
    Now if ya could just work on that left thing!Ha Ha.


  4. As my Uncle Buddy used to say "Fuck 'em if they cant take a joke"!

  5. Hey now, I was not offended! I was just remembering that first time I had heard that term and I think the old guy that said it was kinda trying to piss me off but I just laughed about it. In my line of work I very occasionally get a guy that wants to be a butthole.
    Your natural affection for women is quite obvious and, generally speaking, it's pretty easy to spot the true misogynists.
    Don't worry, we all suspected that you were really a sweetie. ;)

  6. Shit, you just fucked up my whole world! IS NOTHING REAL??!!!! ; )

  7. Don't worry Mayberry, I am the real thing,I just have a sweet spot for the ladies, the rest of the assholes are still fair game and I ain't gonna let up om 'em either.

  8. busted, you are someone i am proud to call my friend. my mother (!)loves ya even though she's never met ya and only read your blog.


  9. GAH! You're giving me diabetes over here, Busted. Belay that sweet shit and go break someone's nose verbally so I know the body snatchers haven't cloned ya.

    ...Kidding, bud. Real winners always have a soft side to go with the hard.


  10. Anyone whose read how you take care care of your granny knows you're a decent guy.

    Hey! I can comment here again! Sweet!