Saturday, July 31, 2010

Check Back Later

Meh...check back later. I ain't in the mood to piss anybody off today.

Life is relatively good for a change.

I've got the weekend off and spent some all-too-rare time in the shop today. Started making a jewelry box out of a piece of walnut I've had layin' around for awhile. Front, back and sides are cut. Whacked up the front to take out a drawer face (so the grain would match) and glued it back together. Top is glued up and box joint jig dialed in on some scrap wood so I'm good to go for tomorrow.

For those of you keeping score at home: yes, I'm still working on my sisters apothecary cabinet thingey. And you really need to get a life instead of keeping score on my woodworking 'cause I do it when I damn well get around to it.

Right now I've got a belly full of fried catfish and I'm sipping on a glass of JW Blue Label. Fixin' to put some Pogues on the stereo and hit the back deck to take a nap "as the sunset came to meet the evening on the hill".

Don't worry about OB. He'll get home safe from his camping trip. Trail of breadcrumbs, you ask? Nah...trail of empty airline-size whiskey bottles more like.




  1. I'm so jealous, you have a good life.
    Enjoy ;)

  2. Oddly enough, I had a freakin' ball working on my truck today. Not as much fun as I woulda had building my damn boat, but at least I was doing SOMETHING for myself!

    Hey, I've been jammin' to the Pogues "South Australia" myself. Anyhoo, from a kindred wood butcher, I can sympathise with your affliction.It's kinda cool to turn a pile of lumber into something useful...

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  4. Well seeing as I have no life I thought I'd borrow yours.