Friday, July 09, 2010

Outta Here

It's been ninety five fucking degrees here in Vancouver the last two days, that's enough to croak us web footed locals.
Shit, a week ago the highs were in the low sixties and it was raining.
Now, it's an oven.
The Weasel Den is even worse, it was 105 when I opened the door to my Easy Bake Oven on wheels.

I'm off to see the GF and will be headed East where it is even hotter than it is here.

The cats have been staying outside and I'll make sure they have plenty of food and fresh water.

See ya's, have a nice weekend.


  1. Man, I still have to stick around for another week at least here in the Vancity. But then I looking for anything with a large body of water near it for mini-vacation too.

  2. A large body of water that will hold at least a case of beer.
    Christ, I drank a gallon of water today and took a piss twice.

  3. be sure to pass on my regards to ng, busted


  4. Amazing. You're the second blogger who has complained of the heat up north. It's been cold here for summer time. It's usually not unbearable till Aug or Sept. Sorry you're roasting honey :(

  5. Dad's garden up in the Okanogan was a roasting 104 degrees. My bro tells me that Mom had a minor conniption 'cause Dad wouldn't get out of the heat. He was checking the spuds for bugs.

    IMHO, being indoors is more unhealthy for the old man than being outdoors. When the sun's out, you can find him tending the veggies or sitting in a lawn chair, drink in hand, watching them grow.