Tuesday, July 06, 2010

FIFA gets a red card

The officiating at this World Cup has been an absolutely shameful disgrace and it ain't getting better.

FIFA can't be serious...a referee from Uzbekistan in charge of a World Cup semi-final? You have got to be fucking joking! How many high profile matches has this guy ever worked? How could he have worked any games that weren't played in a fucking goat pasture? He's from Uzbekistan, for fuck sake! UZBEKISTAN!!!

The moron signaled the end of the game today between Uruguay and the Netherlands and then let it continue! He blew the whistle and pointed to the center spot with both hands, which is the official signal for the end of the match. Everybody thought it was over, the players, the announcers, the crowd, everybody...except the dumbass referee. Not only that but he called for three minutes of extra time and played almost five.

Okay, now there IS a slight chance that someone from Uzbekistan took part in the invention of the game. Uzbekistan can't be ruled out as the place where Mongol soldiers first kicked around the severed heads of their conquered enemies. Sorry, England...you might have codified the rules and 'invented' the game but the Mongols were using heads for footballs a looong time ago.

That being said, I fail to see how some goat herder getting his whacked off head kicked around to help invent the game translates into another goat herder officiating the match that decides who goes to the fucking World Cup final! How is a guy from Uzbekistan supposed to know that Arjen Robben is one of the biggest divers around? Or that Mark Van Bommel won't go down unless you run over him with a bus?

Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick...what's next? Letting guys from the Australian outback be refs for the Stanley Cup in ice hockey? How about letting pygmies from Central Africa call the NBA finals? Fuck, why not? FIFA seems to think it's okay to have refs who can't possibly know jack shit so why don't all sports do it?

Sepp Blatter better hope I never see his sorry ass walkin' down the street. He'll be in for the crunchiest slide tackle you ever saw a central defender come across for.

And I'll be quite happy to take my road rash and my red card.


p.s. - Anonymous asked in the comments (the new thingy sucks BTW, OB) how long I been watchin' football. Umm...since my family moved to England at the end of May in 1974. Our house in Leicester hadn't been moved out of yet so we spent 3 weeks in a hotel in London. What happened in June of 1974? The World Cup, baby. I was the oldest of 4 kids and got stuck babysitting while my parental units went "Woohoo...London!"

Four TV channels. England. World Cup. No escape. Games on BBC One, replays on BBC Two, commentary on BBC Three and highlights on ITV. All day, every day.

Remember that guy from Clockwork Orange with the toothpicks holding his eyes open?

Now ya know.


  1. Anonymous9:00 PM

    And now you know why the U.S. doesn't give a rat's ass about 'football'.

    FIFA = the UN. And you know how 'knowledgeable' they are. Or do you??

    Pele himself said that if the best athletes in the US concentrated on soccer, they would dominate beyond what any nation could match. The best part is: we don't want to!

    Viva la NFL, NBA, MLB!!

  2. I think that there are some issue with comments today, I left a snotty comment about folks needing a twelve-step program for soccer, but it didn't take.

    I guess that if you got infected young and in the UK, I can accept this abberation, I also once had a hell of a night hanging out with a couple of soccer hooligans at an England/Germany match.

    The game didn't do that much, but drunkenness and youthful mindless violence is always fun.

  3. Anonymous8:29 AM

    I ask just to get understanding how American (at least it sounds like) gal knows and passionate so much about footbal. Does not mean to undermine or offend in any sense.

    Josie, the ice hockey diehard
    P.S. The posting is really sucks, especially via Opera

  4. Anonymous8:44 AM

    We did not have a chance to watch the "Orange..." back then, so our souls were pretty untouched from anymalistic bastardization and abnormality of street cruelty.
    However, we're seeen "O, Lucky Man" with Alan Price's priceless soundtracks.

    Cool shit, get to us right in the time to roll to "Pink Floid" in full blast.