Friday, July 23, 2010


Fuck, what a long week.
One more day at work and then I am hopefully off to see nasty Girl .
One more week from today and I am off for sixteen days.
I spent my vacation time last year laying in bed so sick I thought I was going to die at one point.

I am going to take off and go camping and do some fishing.
I haven't gone camping in years and miss it badly.
We shall see just how much bushcraft I can still remember.
I have some work to do around here first, a couple of vehicles need some serious attention and I need to fix the leak in the roof of the Weasel Den. A couple of days of that and then I am getting the fuck outta Dodge.

Y'all have a nice weekend and thanks fer stopping by.


  1. BK
    Have a good time,you deserve it.
    And if you don't mind have a few drinks for me.

  2. Tip one for me too sweetie! Hope Nasty Girl gives you a big ole smile. Enjoy yourself to the max you hard working man. ;)

  3. Just make damn sure you do get out of there and don't get stuck the whole time do'in shit you shouldn't be instead of the heavy screwing off.

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  5. Have fun Busted!! We had a family get together at Hat Creek near Lassen @ 4400 feet... Brisk at night...

  6. Leave it! It'll be there when you get back. You know damn well that if you open up a project, you will find a mess.. you will not get out of Dodge, but spend your vaca fixing shit that shouldn't of been touched in the first place. Just get out of Dodge, it'll be here when you get back... oh, and take care of your feet. -g

  7. oh yeah busted! good on ya babe -- hope ya have a great time!

  8. Anonymous10:57 AM

    Boats in the gulf can't find any oil to clean up! Hey dude where is my oil? No oil lots of corexit. Easy to see why psychopaths don't want to discuss asphalt volcano, red tar, not oil.

    It is looking like the oil wasn't that big a problem to begin with but the corexit certainly is, poisoned air, poisoned sea food. Unbelievable.

    Here is Eastman's take.

    July 24, 2010 8:33 AM
    Dublin Mick said...

    aangirfan is on this one!