Sunday, July 04, 2010

Nice.No Mention Of The Homeland, Hillary, Except We are Giving More Money Away

This shit just pisses me the fuck off.
Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is in Poland, decrying governments around the world that are curtailing civil liberties and vowing we are going to give away a couple million bucks to some fucking people who are struggling to keep their democracies from shutting down things like free speech and open protests.

I shit you not.

Kinda like us, ya think?
Free speech zones sound familiar?
How about tazers and army dogs along with private security biting you in the ass if you dare try to protest what our government is doing against our better interests?
Want to go see what the fuck is going on at a beach in the Gulf?
Sorry, BP has contracted the local police and they will arrest yer ass for trying, especially if you are with the press.

Hypocritical does not even come close to what she is promoting.
I'll tell ya what Hillary, get yer fat ass back to the states and go down to the beaches in the Gulf and promise two million fucking dollars to those who are trying to promote Democracy by informing the people of this country just what the fuck is happening on our own shores.

I Double Dog Dare ya honey.

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