Sunday, July 04, 2010

Damn, I Missed It!

Sometime earlier, I had my Hundred and Fifty Thousandth hit!

With all my heart, thank you all fer stopping by.


  1. Aw...a momentous occasion and you were doing what exactly? Fixing a vehicle, watching some sports?

    You are nothing if not interesting dude.I always enjoy my visits here. ;)

  2. Why do I doubt he was doing either one of those things today????

  3. Thank you so much fer stopping by ladies, seriously.
    Yes Dusty, I had to work on my POS truck so I could go have a drink, no the nasty is coming later.
    I have felt for ya with the parent issues, we are all getting there now, I am having to deal with Grandmothers, thank God the parents are still relatively healthy but we all know that can change in the blink of an eye.
    Sci Fi, I was so damned sorry to see what happened to ya, that sucked giant donkey balls.

    My best to both of ya.


  4. Busted, thanks for your thoughts on my fathers massive senior moments. The sumbitch is driving me to drink and even if it is a short drive, I don't usually do it daily...that is until pops went off the deep end.

    I will survive, the question is: Will he? sigh....