Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Beware Motherfuckers, The Populous Is Pissed off.

I just had a nice conversation with a friend of mine who is a life long Republican.

Come to find out, we are both more Libertarian than we either suspected.
Follow the Constitution ya bought off sonsabitches!

When a lifelong Democrat and a lifelong Republican can get together and say the whole damn government is bought and paid for and could give a rats ass as to what We the People want, there is going to be a huge back lash coming.

As if the Fed Gov isn't aware of this.
Fuck ya.

Enjoy this little bit of divide and conquer, it is failing ya miserably and you are blissfully unaware or so God Damn arrogant you think you are invulnerable.
1 percent of 300 million?

I don't like yer odds there smarty pants.

Us versus them and they are going to lose like a drunk at a poker table in Vegas.
What the fuck?
They are going to kill off their Cash Cow Tax Payers?
Get a fucking clue.
Some one has to cough up their blood money.

I can't wait for the first Domestic Terrorist that decides they have had enough and declares hunting season is open, you know damn well it is coming and Fox News will be the first cocksuckers to declare Martial law should have been implemented yesterday.

Be very afraid, ya thieving class warfare idiots.
Who brought cake?

Just issue me a fucking "Known Terrorist Card" and be done with it. Shit, I am already on so damn many lists now, I should be considered to be a fucking political refugee from another damn country, applying for amnesty for political persecution.
I haven't flown anywhere in ten fucking years and I absolutely will not attempt to get on a fucking airplane at any time in the future when I know for a fact that the individuals between me and that air craft are as smart as what is in the diaper on the screaming babies ass behind me.


  1. Nasty Girl11:46 PM

    As another friend of yours who is also republican , I totally agree with you. I've known that for a long time. The democratic party ceased to exist long ago. They became the liberal , communist, socialist party which is why I became a republican but they have since let me down which is why I consider myself a conservative. And no they don't give a rats ass what we want. They are nothing but selfish, greedy, ignorant, immature, idiots. The whole government is nothing but malformed ego dicketry and jackassery. And it is only going to get worse. I would also love to see someone declare open season on their asses and start pickin em off. Fuck yeah. Happy New Year baby. Call me. Your Nasty Girl

  2. Anonymous12:40 AM

    The will of the people be dammed. I am so sick of both sides following their party line and saying screw you to those they should be representing.They dont give a rats ass about the common people, if you arent rich or a minority or an illegal SCREW YOU. All of them need to retire. You are right busted there will be a nut that will want to start the revolution and He will do something stupid and if Our Goverment over reacts...Well ...

  3. I was once very drunk at poker table and pulled four natural Jacks, after closing one eye and realizing they were still there I proceeded to slide money towards the center while watchin the smiles and winks. I staggered away while trying to stuff a lot of money in my pockets.
    While not on subject I just like to tell that story.
    Wishing you the best for the new year!

  4. BN.. Bro... I'm worried `bout choo.

    Here's the skinny on your newfound recovering R: an about face does NOT put him at the head of the fucking line, free and clear. He has to elocute to the facts and assume fucking responsibility for his mindless proxy being given to asshats.

    Liberals and DFHs have been shouldering the blame for EVERYTHING since FDR actually understood the "common good" and applied government toward improving society's plight.

    If one more mother-fucker rails off on "entitlements" as the fucking boogeyman I will vomit.
    Follow the fucking money comrade.
    Forget the ginned up welfare queens and lazy n'er do wells who've been made the face of the problem, turn instead to the shift, switch and shafters who SAY they're implementing REFORM when all they're interested in is staying in control. When only FIFTEEN cents of any dollar reaches the spigot end of an alleged program 85% is enriching and entrenching the privileged.

    Forty plus years of pushing an inbred, myopic foreign policy that's main component is blowing shit up and protecting corporate profits uber alles cannot stand.

    It's been one helluva fuckin' party, now the tab must be settled.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to welcome clueless assholes who say they've seen the light, but so far, they're still shirking their reasonable accounts payable billings.

    They want things resolved. GREAT!
    Start by refusing to offer/accept false choices and agree to severe penalties for early withdrawl of support. In short, we fix it once, we fix it properly and we prosecute the shitheads who sold us this shit.

    Otherwise, you're new buddy can pound fucking sand.

  5. Unfortunately I will likely vote Republiscum in 2010 and 2012. I keep hearing that there is no difference between Repbliscum and Democraps. I am not convinced. When that thing bush was in office, I wasn't worried about gun control. That's one clear difference. There are others. I will likely vote republiscum in 2010 and 2012 because I hate the republiscum less than the Commie party (AKA Democraps).

    I'd love to vote for an independent, but by doing that I'd likely assure the filthy commie party (AKA Democraps) continue their commie reign of terror on us. I am afraid voting for an independent would just keep the filthy commies in power. So right or wrong, I'll likely vote republiscum in the next two elections. I'll be holding my nose, but no filthy commie (AKA Democrap) will EVER get a vote from me again, EVER !!!

    Of course with the way the politburo (AKA congress) is screwing us over, TSHTF could eliminate the need to vote. All votes will be with lead should TSHTF. That's my take on the subject, just being realistic...

  6. Nasty Girl1:40 PM

    Well said sunfighter

  7. Busted, you've seen the light! It ain't about left versus right! It's about US versus THEM! "THEM" are all the fucking same. Power, money, and control. You need to read "1984" bro, that's where Repugnicans and Dimocraps are taking us. The Shrub gave us the police state, and Obammy is bringing us the communism. Together they are bringing us dictatorial control in the name of "safety" and "security". From "1984", Obammy seems to subscribe to "The Party's" motto of "War Is Peace And Peace Is War".

    What the fuck happened to "I will bring the troops home in 2009"? That was the only thing that mother fucker said that I agreed with!!!

    Nasty Girl, agreed. Sunfighter said it very well... Guns and ammo equal Freedom. When totalitarians take control, when martial law comes down, I still get to vote. Click click boom. HA!

  8. Well said, Busted. It's really always been "them" vs "us". We'll see who's strongest...

    Meanwhile, Happy New Year to you!

  9. Right On !!! What you said!!Fuck em ALL!!1