Friday, December 11, 2009

Sweet Dreams Baby

I lost a beautiful friend recently and went to the Memorial tonight.
Such a sad waste of a beautiful lady. She was absolutely full of life, you could hear her laugh half way around the block when she was having a good time.
I also heard that another friend that has no family is going to get the plug pulled today. That unfortunate decision was thrust upon my boss, who had known the old guy since he was sixteen. I knew the man well, he was my parts driver. What a character. His name was Fred but he he didn't like that, so ya had to call him by his middle name, Rodgers. Not Rodger, Rodgers, think that didn't fuck people up.
He was a collector, the last time I went to see him, he had over forty goddamn machete's laying on the floor and over fifty different bottles of Hot sauce sitting on the counter. He was so good at collecting weird shit, the boss gave him a damn container box to put his shit in. I have no idea what is going to happen to all that shit, maybe a giant garage sale to pay the medical bills.
The lady and I spent a lot of time together at times, she was a bartender in a bar with no customers.
I would go in and order an asshole in a glass, she knew what it was and we would have juke box wars. Lori loved the blues, especially Texas Blues, and we would go back and forth on the juke box. She would get bored and come next door and I would buy her a shot of tequila to keep her busy. Down to earth and tougher than nails, it is hard to imagine she is gone.
We were good friends and she would not even accept a ride to work when she was six blocks away, in the rain.

Sometimes, life and death comes and goes on the same day, the UPS guy isn't that predictable either.

I am greatly saddened today.
Rest in Peace, both of ya. You both deserve it, great friends.



  1. Oh Busted , , ,

    I lost parents and friends at dif times, this way.

    From my early teens, to my 50's.

    We love them all, we wish them all well.

    You, seem to have taken care of them.

    What more?

    Bless ya hoss.

  2. i'm so sorry for your losses busted.

  3. Nasty Girl1:34 AM

    Sorry baby. Love you.

  4. Anonymous2:41 AM

    Busted check out the song My Grandmothers house by Judy Collins. It sums it up, the refrain is
    "Thats Me at the Wedding thats Me at the grave dressed like the people I once thought were so grown up and brave"
    God Bless and Keep Your Freinds. Hell and You Too.
    Your troll

  5. We're gettin' to that age, busted. So sorry for the loss of these good friends. There is one consolation that I find, though, and that is laughing at young kids who think it won't happen to them too. The only bad thing is we won't be around to laugh at them when they're the ones who find it takes a half hour to be able to move after getting out of bed in the morning.

    Hugs from the NJ in the town that's home to crazy sex offender lunatics with arsenals in their houses.

  6. Shhesh Busted real sorry to hear about your lose. I have it seems to have grown up with death. Grew up in a very large family (100+ first relatives) and we always celebrated the lives of those who passed, must be the Irish in us... I had one year where I lost 10 relatives and friends.... was truly sobering year... but did celebrate their lives as you seem to have done here..
    Best Busted...

  7. hang in there buddy.

  8. Sincere condolences, pal.