Friday, December 18, 2009

Get Many Comments Over There?

I got bad news fer you duckie if you use HalOscan.

More commonly known in these parts as Hell-O-scan.
According to Avedon Carol over at The Sideshow,some outfit called Echo has bought out Haloscan and will now be charging you ten bucks a year if you want to continue to have comments on your Blog show up.
Isn't that lovely?
Avedon's take,

I'm really not sure what to do about this. The new owners of Haloscan seem to have come up with a fool-proof plan to totally piss me off. Apparently, this is so I can have all the "exciting" features I hate in other commenting systems. They want me to pay them for the elimination of the things I liked about Haloscan. I mean, there isn't even a field for your homepage URL, which means I can't go look at a commenter's blog easily - I guess they want to reduce, rather than aid, communication It's not that they're asking for much money, true, but it's the principle: A sudden announcement that if I don't give them money it's all over between us. They say they are giving me a whole two weeks to make the decision, but they don't let me see anything but their announcement when I log into the management page to try do things (like delete spam). Or I can terminate my account and "export" all my comments to another system, but as near as I can tell from the discussion thread, that just means pulling it all out to save in a single document on my hard drive. And you can try using their exciting new commenting system right there on the blog, and it is apparently broken. I would think they'd have fixed that before inviting us to buy it from them.

Snerk. Emphasis is mine.

Anyways, you can investigate this at the link above or here

I am going to wait until I get some kind official announcement or start seeing zero comments like I did way back in the day when I started this Blog.


  1. no fucking way

    like you i've not heard anything -- and a day without comments over at my place is the norm :)

  2. And here I was getting pissed off because Blogger comments don't let me ban by IP the way Haloscan does. But now that I've put moderation on all posts over a week old, "Peejay Li" doesn't post links to cheap knockoff sneakers on my blog anymore.