Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Miss Me Much?

Oh yeah, sure.
Anyways, a little something to keep you busy for a minute,
71 pictures of trashy little sluts with tattoos.

You know yer going to.

I'll find something else to rant about later when I have more time.


  1. Nasty girl12:26 PM

    You don't think all women with tatoos are trashy little sluts do you? I have a tatoo and I'm not a trashy little slut...or maybe I am. (as I smile and bat my eyelashes) Maybe that's what you love about me! Smooch!

  2. You were gone? ; ) Yer damn straight I'm going to... If I don't, call the paramedics!

  3. Of course, my love. :)

  4. ahhh... trashy little sluts. or as we call 'em: floridians.

  5. tsisageya12:43 PM

    Oh well. Easy come, easy go. No big.

    See ya 'round.