Sunday, December 27, 2009

She Canna Take Anymore, Captain!

As the year winds down and I take a gander at all the shit we have been through, it is less than heartening to look forward to the gathering shit storm that is in our future.
Basically, the entire world is completely out of control.

On one hand, we have financial system that is rotten to the core and keeps rewarding criminal behavior handsomely.
Must be a nice gig if you can get it.
On another front, we have entire cities that are flat out dying, look no farther than Detroit as a prime example.

Unemployment is at a generational high, millions of people are getting foreclosed on and losing their homes.
One in eight people are on food stamps, forty states are projected to run out of unemployment money.

California, who has an annual budget larger than many countries, is flat assed broke and in the middle of an even larger water crisis.
The list goes on and on.

I started watching this perfect storm in November of 2007 and it just keeps getting worse.

Now, on top of it all, there is reportedly going to be an emerging food crisis with expected triple digit price increases and world wide shortages.

The USDA is talking out both sides of it's mouth, saying it is expecting bumper crops this year while at the same time it has declared the bread basket of the country to be a fucking disaster area.
Draw your own conclusions there, after all, it is a Federal agency and they are here to help.

Cough, cough.

Rice, again, is supposed to be in short supply again this next year.
On top of all that, I see where some crazy sonofabitch tried to blow up a plane and now the TSA is going to treat every passenger like an errant four year old and nobody can have any kind of electronic device on and must sit facing forward with their hands in their lap for the last hour of a flight.

If that wasn't so God Damn pathetic, it would be hysterical.

All I can say to that is take a fucking train, they have yet to fuck that completely up but rest assured that they are trying as hard as they can.

Commercial real estate continues to tank and Timmy the Great says we can expect to see an ease in unemployment come spring.
There is one dude who needs to experience unemployment for an extended period, asshole.

So, gentle readers and trolls alike, we are in for more of the same in the coming year, I actually expect it to get worse by next summer.

All I can do is try to hang on by my finger nails like everyone else, except I have been slowly building up enough grub and supplies so I can at least eat, whatever the fuck comes down the pipe.

I don't like what I am not seeing, what they are not saying, but I am watching and every two to three weeks the PTB try to slip a little something past us.
Pay attention and keep your wits about ya, there is a Bad Moon Rising.

Actually, the whole enchilada is on a fast track into a brick wall.


  1. Does this thing still work?
    I can't leave a comment at Monkeyfister to save my ass.
    I have not seen any warnings on my Log in page yet.

  2. It's workin'. And all I got to say is that I whole heartedly agree with ya Busted. Not even a chastity belt will save us from the cornholin' which we are about to receive....

  3. Just when you think it can't get any does!

    Nothing surprises me any more, that's for sure!

  4. Inside every dark cloud...

    Blow up yer TV BN. At the boots on the ground level, there's been a resurgence. A refusal to be driven along with the madness.

    You're right that through their lens it's absolutely FUBAR and will take decades (if ever) to sift through the shambles, but there's been validation for the people who've been working against the trends, tides and outright destructive thinking that got us here.

    Right now you're seeing a lot of clueless, worthless fucks trying to get ahead of the clusterfuck they've created. They're saying "follow me"!, but you'll notice that they're not getting the followers anymore.

    People are making new connections, developing new networks and trying to secure their own. There's more outreach and organizing taking place outside the status quo. All leading up to an accounting.

    Eventually those clinging to their spot at the trough will find themselves on the outside. It'll be their turn to be ornery and disgruntled.

    Keep on BN... better days...

  5. Food, Water & Guns. Gonna need um.

    See Ya

  6. This will end when they've figured out how to steal what's left. Next stop making you pay for a shitty health care plan. Then there's the energy bill coming up. Oil companies dumping more money on congress so we can get screwed again.