Thursday, December 17, 2009

STFU Lieberman

This made my day. Good on ya Franken, shut that whiny bitch up.


  1. But did you get a loud of old whiny-ass get-off-my-lawn McCain? No matter what happens for the next three years, the country dodged a major bullet not having that fuckwad in the White House.

  2. Oh, well, I can only assume that you kids are clever enough to read "loud" as "load"

  3. Franken is poised to become the new conscience of the Senate?

    Doubtless he has the tools, skills and linguistic abilities required to fill the void.

    Sitting in the writer's room of SNL. What an amazing training ground for the U.S. Senate!

    Never use big words when diminutive ones will suffice!

    You have to wonder how many reproblican senators could be enlisted in a Frankenwing.

    Heady shit there Mr. Smalley. You're good enough.

  4. i wish someone would stuff liebermans mouth with pork and shrimp