Saturday, December 26, 2009

Get One

I kid you not, this is a serious piece of hardware. This was a decent picture, mine is a Lewis and Clark rememberative edition that you can cook buiscits on top too.

I bought a Pork roast that wouldn't fit in my little Crock Pot and dug out my Dutch Oven that I had never used.
I had seasoned it and put it away and DAMN! does that thing rock!

Holy Moley, it is now going into regular rotation.

I use cast iron to cook with almost exclusively, I can't believe my cabinets haven't fallen off the wall yet but I think I am in love with this damn thing.

Note to self,
get some frikkin' Pot Holders.


  1. You just gotta love cast iron cookware! Great stuff...!

  2. I agree and thanks fer stopping by my man.
    Seriously, Pot holders are a must though!

  3. Yup, lotsa pot holders. And one of them lid lifter tools for the dutch oven. Cast iron rocks, take that teflon crap and toss it in the shit can...

  4. Note to self,
    get some frikkin' Pot Holders.

    ouch!! pot holders or welders gloves for cast iron... they sure are great to cook with...

  5. Got one, have had one for decades. Essential.

    Oh, BTW, left this at FDL, and decided you should have it too . . .

    "Ahhhh WTF, it's LLN.

    There's a FINE old Celtic song, played by everyone and their sons for generations and decades and longer. And, it's become a camp jam staple at bluegrass and americana festivals. Usually, it's played a bit like this, sometimes with longer breaks for all the instruments between verses, verses changed around and such.

    Whiskey In The Jar.

    Lyrics For Those Who Don't Know The Song.

    Why would I mention this on LLN?

    Because I never knew THESE GUYS Ever Did It!!!! What a mind fuck I thought, when I found THAT mess!!!

    But WAIT, There Was MORE EARLIER! Pure brain bleach mind fucks for this Larue.

    Pick it or sang it, Pups . . . just brang it, cuz There's Whiskey In The Jar!


    Heh, I should cross post this at Busted's place . . . . *G* I will!

    Mush-a ring dum-a do dum-a da bitchez!!! *G*

  6. And now ya got me curious how ya season it.

    I was taught to rub it down with crisco and bake it for 4 hours at 500F.

    Never use soap to clean, just hot water and a soft sponge . . . or the scouring side of a sponge and then ya gotta put vegetable oil on it and bake it again at 500F for an hour . . . sides and bottom and top inside if the lid don't have a fuckin meltable button.

  7. i'm curious too... being as i have gotten used to cooking with one that came with my flat. guess i'm gonna have to go buy one for myself and give the landlord her's back.

  8. The Mrs. loves her cast iron. Got 'em in all different sizes and shapes.

  9. Anonymous8:04 AM

    Bacon and eggs in cast iron....gotta love it.

    Welders gloves work great.

    See Ya

  10. Your not a river runner, are you? I couldn't run a successful river trip without my cast iron. Lasagna, stew, chili, and all the baking depend on cast iron (nothing matches the look on passengers faces when they wake up to fresh baked cinnamon rolls in the middle of the wilderness).

  11. added: heavy leather gloves and long handled pliers are my tools of choice.

  12. Dude, the enameled La Creuset dutch ovens are better than unfinished cast iron.

  13. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Now get yourself a dual fuel camp stove from Coleman. then you're set.

  14. Hey, my Lodge is the best for baking bread - I follow the no-knead bread recipe and it works every damn time.
    3 cups flour,1/4 tsp yeast,1 1/2 tsp salt; mix it gently, let it rise for 18 hours, fold it gently and let it rise for another 2 hours. The last 1/2 hour pre-heat oven and the cast iron pot w/lid to 450 degs. Drop the dough into the pot cover it and bake for 30 minutes then remove the lid bake for another20-30 minutes; pop it out onto a cooling rack for 40 minutes then eat some of the best bread you have had outside of Italy.

  15. Er, I left out the cup and 5/8water

    The guy has a book out - 'no-knead' bread is the original 'way of the bread' - taste can't be beat by the 'pummel-it-into-submission' method of bread baking.