Sunday, December 13, 2009

Five Dead Meeces

Damn, have I been having technical difficulties or what?
Five fucking dead mouses in a week.
I finally got pissed off and pitched 'em, went to Radio Fucking Shack and bought a Goddamn wireless sumbitch, came home and.....

Duh, batteries not included, stupid.
Par for the course, we had a big blast of freezing rain, just for fun.
I finally got out of the fucking driveway at eleven o'clock this morning to drive three blocks, to get some fucking batteries.
Batteries I have, just not the tiny little needle dick bug fucker type.
Hopefully I can just motor along for a while without some major malfunction for fucks sake!


  1. Damn... I've had the same mousie for almost five years! One of those fancy laser types...

  2. Why do women hate men?

  3. Hey asshole, why don't ya try using another address?
    When open up the comments and it says "ME" , then fuck you.

  4. Just so ya know, I found that comment on my Email. Me comes around from people stealing my e mail address.
    Fucking cocksuckers.