Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Ho Ho

And all that happy shit.

Fuck, I hate Christmas more and more every damn year.

I hope you all enjoy the company and the time you get to spend with them, safe travels and any random sex acts you get are a bonus.

I get to drive all over creation here in a bit and pretend to enjoy it.

Now bring me a beer and go away.

I just took a healthy crap, had a shot of rum, a beer and a cigarette.
I just may live.


  1. Hey dude we have lots of food and drink. Want to stop on by.
    Brother Chris

  2. Nasty Girl3:29 PM

    Oh baby, you are such a scrooge. But I love ya anyway. I'd love to have a random sex act with ya. Merry Christmas. Your Nasty Girl

  3. Looks like everything is proceeding nicely. Best to ya friend!!

  4. happy ho ho ho busted


  5. Anonymous12:07 AM

    Well thanks for the blow job busted

  6. Fer such an Onery Bastard,shore got fine taste in women,Happy holidays.