Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I Ain't In The Mood

Fucking bastard.

Hey, asshole, Max , lick my fucking balls.
You piece of shit cocksucker.

Waiting weeks for you to come up with some Bi Partisan fucked up mess and this is what we get?

Not one of yer sonofabitch Republican cohorts has yer back , you piece of fucking shit.
No one has your back other than those Insurance motherfuckers buying yer lobster dinners.

Fuck You Dude
Jesus, what a fucking disaster you are.

Well, ya got what ya deserved, a hearty Fuck You, go sit on the bench ya piece of shit ,sell out prick.

Let that be a lesson to ya, ya can't fucking deal with this idiot crowd that calls themselves Republicans, moron, and by the way, quit fucking trying.

Ya kill a snake that bites, ya shoot an egg sucking dog and ya tell a current Republican to go pound sand in their ass unless you have the same batch of thieving motherfucking donors. Oh, that hit close to home, bitch.
Tell all yer friends, if ya have one that doesn't have their hand in yer crotch .
What a fucking dick.

This is the guy we have been waiting for to save the average American with no fucking health care from the almighty insurance lobby?

Ha Ha, I thought I was crazy.

Even if you don't agree with the current debate about universal health care reform,
you will want to payt attention to what this fucking bastard just put out.

Basically, it is a giant fucking tax hike on the middle class and a huge give away to those fucking pricks in the insurance industry.

Max, ya need a set of Deze Nuts.
My nuts on yer fucking chin.


  1. Busted you took the words right outta my mouth!! Thats exactly what I said to myself last night after hearing the news!!

  2. We will get nothing in the end. Just don't see it happening and as I've said so many times before I'll believe when it gets here and I can see it. Until then it's jerk off time for most of these slugs to make people think they are really trying - my sorry ass.

    Come on over Busted and see what Iowa has planned for residents so the lucky state workers who retired so young don't lose a penny. It sucks.

  3. First visit.. won't be last.. Great job.. I feel the same way but you put it better than I ever could. Thank you. Referred by Sue

  4. I saw it coming tho'. The insurance companies and Big Health Care has all the politicians, Dim and Rethug in their back pocket wallets.

    Obama can't do shit and he knew it.

    The gov't is just a front for those who really run things anyway.

    And we're just serfs for them to get money out of. That's it.

  5. Tell us what you REALLY think!

  6. The good news is that BaucasCare Bill was panned, and shamed, and ridiculed by just about everyone that matters yesterday. Today, the MSM is spinning it a bit softer, sadly. But again, Baucas and his piece of shit legislation giveaway was roundly derided yesterday. THAT'S good news! *G*

  7. Mmmmmm love me some smooches, right back at ya baby!!

  8. Yeah, the $3,800 "fine" for not having insurance is pretty fuckin' special too. Ahhhhhh, nothing like being robbed at gunpoint. Fuck tea, let's throw the politicians into the harbor. Preferrably with their criminal bills strapped to their asses for ballast......

  9. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Well said, Busted. My thoughts exactly. (Well, almost -- yanno, save the balls etc. part ;).