Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall My Ass!

I have cats crawling all over me and a little space heater going full blast.

The heavy blankets are out and my fucking hands are freezing.

It is not even October yet.

I am digging out the old fashioned back door thermal underwear tomorrow.

Sheeeit, it got cold around here in a hurry!


  1. no shit dood - forking c-c-cold out here. started a fire shortly after getting up the past couple of days.

    why my goodness busted, is that your sink i see?

    my tubes are back up dood - i'm back to being a fast woman (new cable modem 4 times faster) again

  2. the ground is white this morning-shit!

  3. Must be Gorebal fucking warming... What a monumental crock of fucking shit!!!!

    We had a heat index of 102 today, sending some warmth yer way....