Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Something To Look Forward To

Like this could never happen in your neighborhood?

In Honduras, break in curfew allows residents to buy essentials.

For a few hours Wednesday, Honduras' political drama gave way to more important matters -- like buying groceries and filling gas tanks.

Streets in the capital, Tegucigalpa, were clogged with frantic shoppers after the country's interim rulers briefly lifted a nationwide curfew to let residents restock shelves. Meanwhile, the deposed president, Manuel Zelaya, remained hunkered in a foreign embassy.

It was the first chance for residents to get out since Monday, when Zelaya sneaked back into Honduras and the de facto government abruptly imposed the shutdown. The curfew was to resume later Wednesday.

"I haven't had food at home for three days because the curfew caught us by surprise. I have to get milk for my three children," said Mariega Garcia, a 40-year-old administrator.

Maria Cristina Juanes, a 41-year-old maid, waited in a long line in her impoverished neighborhood to buy milk and cheese. "We don't know what's going to happen," she said. "We only have God on our side."

The government lifted the curfew after a night of scattered clashes in Tegucigalpa. The confrontations left one man dead, authorities said, and a number of stores were looted or vandalized. Police arrested more than 100 people.

Sure it can, which is why everyone should have at least two weeks worth of food, water and essentials.

That being said, I have a confession to make.

I was doing fairly well with my preps until my neighbors started falling on hard times and I decided to help them out.
After a while I noticed who was and who wasn't trying to help themselves and shut it off.
In the mean time, I pretty well put myself back in a bad position, as I recently found out.

I have been sick for the last three days with what I can only describe as food poisoning.
Flat on my back when I wasn't retching, throwing up, sitting on the terlet at moments without a minutes warning and sleeping a great deal.

I finally felt better enough to try and hold something down and went looking.
Bad news Busted, ya gave most of it away.
I couldn't even find a can of chicken noodle soup OR a bottle of Seven Up.

That just changed everything.

I am going to get back on the ball and stock this place back up, ASAP.

The Dollar Store, here I come. That is the closest place that has the best deals, although I tend to keep my eye out for specials on other needs.
There will be nothing said to any neighbors, I will do it after dark and I WILL get this place back where it was and then some.

Let this be a lesson to the rest of ya.
It's OK to help someone in need, just not to the point it is detrimental to your own survival.
My bad, lesson learned.

Note to self, get some more Pepto Bismal.


  1. dood! you gotta take care of yourself first so that you can help.

    in addition to food stuffs, you also need to keep your medicine cabinet and first aid kit fully stocked.

    as with all emergency supplies if something is used, it must be replaced.

    busted, babe, i hope you are feeling better soon. and that you are soon able to give the ornery bastoid who gave ya food poison hell.

  2. Damn Hoss, get well soon and stock up.

    What Suz said, too. Take CARE of yerowndamnedself!

    We needz yaz!


  3. Trouble is with helping out swome that they become so used to someone else doing it they quit trying!

    Did anyone offer to help while you were sick?

    Ya know, sometimes the best way to help, is NOT to! Get better buddy!

  4. Hope you're feeling better, Busted...Stay away from the dented cans.