Sunday, September 13, 2009

This One's Fer Mr. And Mrs. Fixer

Seeings how they are on a cruise don't ya know.
Have a good time guy's.


  1. Busted this brings back so many memories!! I was a GrandFunk Railroad fan in my early teens, like 14!!! Always been a rocker!!

  2. That shit sucks.Boomer crap.I'm throwing a party when the last old boomer fuck croaks.

  3. GOD! Go ahead and croak already. Fucking boomer shits.A fucking waste of oxygen,you fucks are.You ain't got nuthin' to look forward to.go ahead and make some room for the young folks.

  4. In due time, as has everyone who came before us.
    In the mean time, enjoy the mess we left you little punk asses, that ought to keep ya busy until the generation behind you wishes you dead.

  5. By the way, I do want fries with that, just doin' my part to get the fuck out of your way, ya know.

  6. Ahh!
    So, this is the same Admin I just got a newsletter from.

    Dig yer hole and feed yer chickens dude, we do what we can and take care of yer own self as ya should.
    Sorry I didn't have any nineties music up fer ya, not my style.
    Thanks fer stopping by.