Wednesday, September 30, 2009

This Guy Is In Jail And Rumsfield, Yoo, AddingtonAnd Cheney Aren't?

This is how fucked up we are.
A guy gets five years after a plea bargain to dump a FIFTY year sentence for dealing seeds.
The Neocon bastards that started a war of convenience that killed a million people, women and children, walk around with body guards we are paying for.
WTF is wrong with this picture?

I call Bullshit and I still want to see BushCo in fucking jail.

H/T the always awesome DarkBlack. Get yer ass over there and see what a wicked sense of humor will do for ya.

DB? Yer the shit dude!

Thanks for being a friend my man.


  1. i just heard yesterday that fucking orrin hatch pushed in a friggin abstinence only provision to his part of the health care bill before he would let it get out of committee...fucking we have ten fucking years of proof that abstinence programs sorry if i'm off the subject but this just pisses me off and i have to go to work...

  2. The sonsofbitches are never going to decriminalize this plant. I will always be a criminal as will tens of millions of others.

    The bushes will never be brought to justice either just like we will not see a good health care bill.

    We love our corporations and whore politicians owned by them plus war for lies and sure as hell don't wanna see people smoking da pot.

    On the big items like these they do not give an inch. All it is is a bunch of fucking lip service.

  3. Much love to ya, Busted.
    World priorities need to change - wake up the sleepers and slough off the creepers because it's time to move forward.


  4. Well, we're paying for security for the blowjobmeister and the peanut farmer too, all of which I think is bullshit. All of these douchebags have raped us of enough money to pay for their own goddamn security. Besides, who in their right mind would waste a precious bullet on Jimmy fucking Carter.....

  5. Forgot to mention, the Bushes are included in that too..

  6. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Yeah, well, you know how that law shit works. The law only applies to the little people, not to the rich fucks who run things. What I can't figure out is why the hell you monkeys let that continue. Folks quit doing what the rich motherfuckers command them to do, they'd be like Hitler in his bunker at the end, moving imaginary armies around on maps and ranting and raving about how they been betrayed. Crap, these rich motherfuckers probably couldn't even figure out how to wipe their own goddamned ass if it wasn't for some servant to do it for them. Why are monkeys so eager to become servants of other monkeys? It makes no sense, meow.