Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Time To Play HardBall.

Apparently some supposedly Democratic Blue Dogs just got handed a personal message,
to paraphrase,
"We are done fucking around".

Hey, wake the fuck up.

The AFL-CIO and I go back as far as I can remember and then some, my Dad retired from the Operating Engineers after 35 years and after personally lobbying Congress on the Hill.
Yeah, that Hill, Ted Kennedy and all that.

I was in the Engineers for nine years until I got smacked on the way to work on my motorcycle one day.

I am currently vested in a union affiliated with the AFL-CIO and couldn't be happier to see this ultimatum.

Wake the fuck up you assholes, who the FUCK do you think got yer asses elected?

From the AFL-CIO website;

Here’s what Trumka had to say:

What we said was, there had to be three or four elements in that plan in order for us to support them. If they didn’t support the plan with a public option in it, with an employer mandate and no taxation of benefits, that we would tell our members and let our members decide….The American people are demanding that you do something.

We’ll look at your entire voting record, of course, like we always do. We’ll put the facts out to our members. I think it will be hard for them to get support if they don’t support that.

How about this instead, and you can quote me.

Quit fucking around, everybody knows you wake up every morning with Lobbyist Jizz on yer chin and we are fucking done with that.

Do the right thing for the average American or we are going to kick your asses to the fucking curb.
Come election time, you better have a mouthfull of Jizz , a wad of cash from your corporate masters and a phone number for a local taxi service because we are going to drive away and not look back, you motherfucking whores.

By the way, try and find a taxi driver that takes a check.

I ain't gonna say I like this Trumka dude, don't get me wrong, I have seen quite a bit of what goes on with that side of the game but I am liking the fact that he just kicked a bunch of Blue Dogs right in the fucking balls.

All I can say is;


BTW, you guys that I see all the time between 15th and 16th NW, and between L and M st NW?
Ya, yer a short cab ride away from Lafayette Square and the Headquarters of the AFL-CIO, but you already knew that.

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  1. You go, Busted!

    I wouldn't be too sure about taxpayers taking many more of their "checks" either.


    By the way, try and find a taxi driver that takes a check.

  2. I'll definitely keep up on this Busted. There's a whole bunch of us union guys sitting on the bench with nothing better to do. And as you know if you're not working you don't have health care coverage.

  3. well said Busted! Gotta love ya!!

  4. YO, crinkled knuckles! I thought you wuz on break! I was over at OneFly's place and seen you on the sidebar. GOOD to see your ornery ass is back to banging your PC.

    Just went to Brian Baird town hall in Ilwaco last nite - took my 6 foot tall sign and walked around out front with the whack-o's for a while before putting it in the custom made rack on my truck for dislplay.

    Upshot is, it sounds like Baird (who would NOT discuss ending the wars last time I spoke to him) is all about compromise with the corporate cocksuckers, so your screed here is RIGHT ON THE MONEY, and glad to hear more unions getting in on this by swinging their balls in a wide arc!

    Oh golly, I hope I don't sound angry....

  5. Can we get everyone on board to plan hard ball with our ongoing wars?

    These bastards were elected specifically twice to get us out of these wars and they've become even bigger whores after Obama was elected. We must win this health battle because if we don't we will never win anything of any consequence ever again more than likely. This could very well be the line in the sand and I've had more than one say this may be the time for the real march on Washington. I would be the first to commit and show for at least two full days.

  6. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Damn fine post. Past time for the unions to lean on the fake dems!

  7. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Like your message, Busted. Much more to the point than the Trumka's "of course we'll look at the whole record" diplomatic crap.

    I, for one, won't ("look at their whole record"). Dems should get it through their skulls already that if they screw us out of a decent public option, we'll screw them out of office for years to come. Simple, IMO.

  8. Yep.
    Figure this shit out or we play Dodgebqll with the craqzy fuckers from the party of NO for yet another four years.

    The stupid, it burns. Thirty fucking years we have been waiting for a majority like this and they are still fucking up a Brass Ball with a Rubber Mallet.

    GTFO, all of ya's.