Sunday, September 13, 2009

Here Is My Line In The Sand

Cops can pin you to the ground, beat you, taze you and forcefully take blood from you.

Washington State just upheld this fucking horse shit too.

You'll get blood alright.


  1. No they will not, my right to keep and bear arms is gonna get in the way...A person in LEO uniform committing an illegal act is just another criminal.
    And taking blood without my consent is a criminal act and must be resisted with all due force I can bring to bear.

  2. What kind of fucked up shit is this? Cops taking blood is so far over the line, there will be blood, as you say...

  3. Anonymous9:49 AM

    I'm with ya Dragon. 100%.

    Mel in TX

  4. Only if they chip in some of their own.


  5. They're pulling this shit in Texas too, with "no refusal weekends". They'll get my blood, but they'll have to spill it first. That being the case, then I reckon reciprosity is in order....

  6. Margot11:58 PM

    Have I been asleep?? Where'd the USA go?
    We finally got rid of that insane war criminal motherfucker Bush, and now we have this shit?