Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bustedus Domesticus, KP Duty

Yeah yeah, I could be ranting about those fucking cocksuckers and the Health Care debate but no.
We are fucked, they are the cat shit under my heel and have a nice fucking day.

In the mean time, I am having to do the dishes.
I HATE doing dishes but while I am typing and waiting for the wrinkles to come out of my fingers, here are a few observations.

Fuck the Teflon pans.
I wouldn't feed my fucking cats out of a Teflon Frying Pan.

Get ya some Cast Iron and take care of it.

They say ya can't do tomato sauce and ya can't wash them in a sink full of dishes because ya lose the oil layer that keeps them Non Stick.
Yes and no.

Yes, Cast Iron is the best non stick cook ware out there because it is dependent on a layer of oil that gets into the pores of the cast iron and seals the pores off and it only gets better the longer you cook with it without scouring out that layer of oil.

I have used vegetable oil to season some cast iron but I am here to tell ya, use some Bacon.

Ya don't have to bake the pans in an oven, heat 'em up on a burner and slather some bacon grease around and then wipe 'em out and let them cool down and put 'em away.
I just did a 9 quart Dutch Oven, a Ten inch frying pan and a Twelve By Twelve Grilling pan.
This on top of the rest of my Cast Iron pans.

I also have a few cast Aluminum pans from my Grandmother that she has had from the early Fifties.
The handles are all gone but I snagged them before they got thrown out.
I also have some Aluminum pots from my other Grandma that has been gone over thirty years.
These I will boil things with but I ain't frying with.

Cast Iron is actually fairly easy to cook with and easy to take care of.
Think Pancakes. Yer Granny had it down.


  1. I own two 10-inch cast-iron frying pans, one of which goes back all the way to the beginning of my marriage, over 47 years ago.

  2. Cast iron is the only way to go! I love it...!

  3. I gots a few good old pans from the 50's care of a great score at a yard sale in Okanogan, WA about 15 years ago.

    Won't cook my eggs in anything else and God put bacon on this earth to make men heroes in the kitchen.

    I do have some Calphalon anodized pans - no non-stick shit - they scrub up pretty good with Barkeepers and last forever.

    I stay away from yard sales now 'cause I have my own junk to get rid of, but will always look at those in my little hometown in the sticks. Good cast iron always shows up.

  4. Yeah, cast iron is great, although more for the even heat distribution than for the surface. In fact, the best cast-iron cookware I have used is the enameled-surface Le Creuset stuff, including the Dutch Ovens for sauteeing and braising and the stove-top Grills:


  5. Hell yes. Cast iron is all I use anymore... I think I have about every size they sell, including the waffle maker, pie maker like they used to use in Boy Scouts... even some cool cactus cornbread pans. I love it, and I think my gf is slowly coming around too. They take a little work but its worth it.

  6. Anonymous5:12 PM

    SIRI Said

    i have cooked on the same cast iron pans i first bought when i was in my early 20s. SOME YEARS AGO

    u busy, busted? i'd like to ask you out to dinner. u available for dating?
    I'd like to respectfully ask you out, with your father's permission.
    *kind smile*

  7. Honey, stay away from my Daddy. He just turned 72 yesterday but just who do you think I learned from?
    If you get up around here I would be more than happy to go out fer a bite and eight or ten drinks.Hell, I'd even clean my finger nails.
    I'm generally not fit for polite company, they can kiss my ass but I still have some manners, somewhere.
    Smooches to ya darlin'.

    I'm actually a nice guy, I just hide it well.

  8. Anonymous7:44 PM

    I got rid of my last wife, in part, because she took my 26 year old cast iron skillet and soaked it in a sink for two days while I was out of town. Its the best but heavy as hell if you have to carry it for awhile. I've used sand to clean mine up while camping before. Have to admit I have Calphalon for the house because the cook top won't handle cast iron but won't let it go in the dishwasher or soak for long either. basic thing is, if you have good cooking stuff, clean it right and put it away fast to protect it. final straw with the ex was putting my Henkle knives in the dishwasher just to piss me off.

  9. i swear i fall more and more in love with you everyday :) gotta love a man that knows his cast iron! i have two cast iron skillets i inherited from my mother who inherited them from her mother etc. god know how old they are. one of the first things i taught my son was how to handle the cast iron and why :) that was way more important than...say...bathing properly or sex ed...although i did get around to that too :)

  10. This joint is turning into a fucking on-line dating site! lolz