Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Can We Be Done With These Assholes Now?

Is it just me or do I remember people being arrested for having the wrong shirt on at these things,Ministers getting their fucking legs broke for having a a fucking button on their shirts while waiting in line to get into a hearing on the Hill?

Tell me you never saw this shit.

Having to sign Loyalty pledges to get into a Government function?
What? you don't remember that shit?

How about being called a traitor if you didn't agree with The President?
What, ya got Short Timers Disease?

So now we got this asshole, who has of course, since offered up an apology but that is not the point., calling the President a liar while he is addressing Congress and the nation two years ago would have gotten you a one way trip to Syria and a shallow grave.

I have a message for you crazy fucking assholes, what comes around, goes around and the pendulum has already swung back.
Continue this strategy at the peril of your parties ultimate destruction and I urge you to keep it up until you are scorned in public for having the audacity to show up in daylight.

The point is, the crazy fuckers on the right seem to have a serious problem with cognizant thought and have abso-fucking-lutely zero capability of remembering what went on a scant year ago with the Bush Administration and the boot licking adherence to what was at the time considered to be a greater sin than some fucking Congressman chasing little boys around if you did not agree with an inarticulate, lying sonofabitch called The President.

They are motherfucking sociopaths and it is time to have an intervention.

Step away from the public until you can act like a fucking adult!

The examples are so numerous I can't begin to address them.


Every damn day I see ridiculous statements and behaviors from the Republican side and it just boggles my mind that these were the same cocksuckers calling me a fucking traitor because I disagreed with President Bush and that Undead bastard Cheney.

Hey, you!


It has come to my attention that there are a great deal of clinically insane motherfuckers who somehow get their face and their message across to the entire world because of some twisted bastards who are employed by some even more twisted bastards who own the fucking airwaves and the Dead tree Print.


It is way past time to shut this shit down.
We are talking about assholes who claim to represent less than 1/4th of the population of this country being given a platform on a daily basis to spout their fucking insanity to over 300% of the population of this country because their babbling gets broadcast around the fucking world.

Who the fuck gives a shit what Newt Gingrich has to say?

Why am I still subject to what Sarah Palin thinks? Who gives a fuck?
Why is Karl Rove not in fucking jail?

Michelle Bachmann is off the charts, if you voted for that crazy bitch, you need to slam yer dick under the toilet seat for two hours and call a psych ward. That whole, "representative" thing just went out the window chasing magic butterflies.

On and on and on.

I have had enough of this fucking one sided Kabuki.



  1. And this, my friend, is why we adore you. Maybe it's because I'm not a guy, but the image of someone slamming his dick in a toilet seat for two hours and calling a psych ward for voting for Michelle Bachmann has me laughing like a lunatic.

  2. Anonymous5:13 AM

    What sort of "shit" do you wish to shut down?.... "shit" like the Bill of Rights or that "shitty" document known as the Constitution?
    That O-guy called for a JOINT SESSION of Congress and then wiped his Chicago ass all over them by making a stump speech. When will this mobster realize that he holds the highest office in the Land (and the World) and treat it with the respect the office deserves...
    The dude who called O-man out as a liar just told the truth. We could use a lot more truthful speech coming from Washington.

  3. Busted there's a sick fuck right here. Follow the instructions on what to do with your pecker monkey and then open your pie hole ass wipe!

  4. Hey Anonymous, you're a shithead. You and your party of no-nothings haven't got a clue, or a health care plan, for that matter. Shut the fuck up and let the adults figure this out. Asshole.

  5. I am so fuckin sick of those idiots like anon talking about the constitution and Obama in the same sentence!!! Learn what the hell the constitution says first then you will realize the Bush administration is the ones who fuckin destroyed it!!! Obama has more respect for this country and the constitution then Bush or YOU have in your little baby toe!! How dare you call our president a mobster, your party is in the fuckin toilet because of hateful ignorant people like you so you just keep on keeping on, we love seeing where this is getting you!!! Palin/Bachmann 2012 LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Thats the best you got???

  6. [snort!] This is why I like this blog.

    Those right wingers have short and selective memories, that's for sure.

  7. i would be willing to bet in some stupid republican thinktank??? somewhere that outburst was carefully planned and the deliverer was carefully chosen and even the apology was carefully crafted. it has cheney/rove written all over it.

  8. oh, and anon, STFU! idiot!


    me, too, Jill...i spit coffee all over my keyboard with that one :)

  9. Anonymous6:32 AM

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  10. Thanks, Busted, for letting skanky Anonymous cut & paste his moronic jokes thus showing us the true face of the GOP.

  11. I see you have a member of Cowards Anonymous hanging around these parts.

  12. Hey asshole at 6:52, That shit don't fly around here.
    Take your racist shit somewhere else.

  13. Anonymous9:13 AM

    First off, I read that racist crap before you deleted it and I am glad you cut it. Sorry bastard needs a good "attitude adjustment".
    Second, I'm not a GOP person, I am a Constitutionalist, I believe in the Constitution as it was written and no where does it say that gets to take care of me or is entitled to take what is mine and give it to someone else. I ain't into charity and yes, I'll "make it or break it" on my own.
    I bitched about Bush I & II just as much as anyone for fucking up the Constitution and still believe they should have been impeached. Just as much as Clinton or Carter or any other President that didn't keep his oath to uphold & defend the Constitution. Sorry ass politicians on both sides are the reasons we're in this shit today.
    But let me make one thing clear. I WILL NOT SHUTUP, I WILL NOT BACK DOWN AND I WILL SHOOT BACK!! I am NOT opposed to violence. Been there, done that, ain't afraid to do it again. I'm an old man and I ain't afraid to die for my beliefs in freedom. Question is, "Are you (meaning the socialist bastards currently running this country) ready to die for your beliefs in taking what is mine?" Mike V. over at Simpsey Street and the 3%s have the right idea.

  14. YOF, I am not talking to folks like you, hard workin' Americans who believe in the Constitution, as do I.
    I am talking to these divisive Republican party leaders who bring nothing to the discourse except corrosive rhetoric and who have absolutely no solutions.
    The only thing they have is obstructionism and thinly veiled race issues.
    I am also addressing their enablers in the MSM who allow this type of behavior to go mainstream.

  15. Anonymous2:07 PM

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  16. Anonymous2:08 PM

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  17. I have all day asshole.

  18. Anonymous2:22 PM

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  19. Anonymous2:24 PM

    Fuck off asshole.Nigger lover.

  20. Anonymous2:48 PM

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  21. Flail away dickhead. Comment moderation and word verification will encourage you to find another joint to pester with your worthless ass.

  22. OH MY now the bitch is rearing her fucked up fuckin ugly head! Nigger lover?? You racist pricks on the right go fuckin drown yourselves in your own snot. Only God can help you, you so-called Christian right are the most evil of all evil!! How dare you come by our blogs with your racist filth! And BTW, you all have to be armed, armed and protected from what?? Yourselves?? Kill each other please!!

  23. Anonymous4:24 PM

    Well Sue, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away!

  24. You should leave the racist crap up there. That way everyone will know that the message is a Republican message brought to you by the GOP. The more people that know that the Republican Party is populated by angry, yelling, racist white men the better. Republicans' increasing anger and pointed rhetoric because a black man is in the Whitehouse will only further serve to isolate and marginalize the Grand Old Party.

    Why are unemployed and poor Republicans acting as shills for the for-profit healthcare industry?

  25. Nice rant Busted.

    I guess it don't mean squat to the troll that what Wilson said was a lie, and it's in the part 246 of the HR3200 bill.

    That's been published all OVER The place today.

    Says right there. No illegals for healthcare.

    Wilson is dead meat. Ya can't FIX stoopid. *G*

  26. I love you, you honery fucker.

    Nice to know we're not the only ones sick of this shit.

    PS: I've been called all sorts of names includin g N--- lover for nye onto fifty years. It holds no fear for me.

  27. Hey, look on the bright side. At least this troll isn't trying to hide behind "pull the plug on grandma" or "death panels" or "fiscal responsibility" when what s/he really means is "n----- n----- n-----". There's something kind of refreshing in that kind of honesty. Then at least you can deal with it on its own terms.

  28. Hey Busted... great rant! And oh so true about the PUKES... They fawned all over Bush allowed him and Darth to rip our Constitution to shreds, illegally listen in to private conversations between married couples(probably while stroking it) tortured and killed in our name! I mean WTF kind of people are they?? They sure aren't Christians,they took them for a ride also. I have no use for such shallow selfish people who want to continue to rob the poor and give to the rich... FUCK!! OH and anonymous go back under the bridge where you cam from!