Saturday, September 12, 2009

Death From Above

It's fly season here in the good old Pacific North West.

Mother fuckers.
The little bastards are driving me crazy!
Gnats, fleas, spiders, flies of every description, are all out to inflict as much damage as they can before the first frost.
Miserable sonsabitches.

The best defense against these little assholes besides chemical warfare is the ubiquitous Baseball cap.
I smack those little fuckers out of mid air.
Land on my table?
There's a smear, have a nice day.
Hey, a Baseball cap in the hands of an expert is a deadly fucking weapon, just ask my cats.
I drilled on of those little bastards going full throttle from a chair, ten feet away.
Yes, I am that good.

Ya got a whiny kid?
Baseball cap.
Death from above baby, they see it coming but it is too fuckin' late.


  1. Hey BK...

    I'm back from the dead. Shut my 'Net down for awhile to get caught up on bills so I have some catchin' up to do.

    Damn..the stupid just gets deeper whether we're connected or not.

    Good to see you're doin' OK. Let's hope we can ride out the dark of the year without too much pain.

    Can't keep a good DFH down!

  2. Glad to see ya got a chuckle out of it Fixer.
    I know it wasn't what you were expecting....

    David, I am tickled to see yer up and running again, been wondering where the fuck ya been.

  3. You use the backhanding swat method or the wrist-break-for-extra-english frisbee style with that lid, bra?


  4. Ballcap/lethal weapon

  5. Ah the ole "El Kabotsky" works every time according to Ciscoe.

  6. That little button on top is a motherfucker....

    It rained like hell down here the last few days, I can already see the black clouds of 'skeeters rising from the puddles. Chemical warfare is about the only remedy, unless you want to smear yer ass with alligator grease like the Karankawa did....

  7. Overhand, the trick is judging the curve.