Sunday, September 27, 2009

Yay!! It's Monday!

Suck my ass.


  1. You must be goin to woik.
    Have fun, it's 'sposed to be rainin up there, while it's 95F or more here. But cooler Tuesday.

    Hang on, Busted, Suz and Spiders say it's gonna be a hard, wet and nasty ass fall, early. I got spiders around our place I haven't seen in years.

  2. Anonymous5:12 AM

    Well good morning to you too damn it!, lol.

    Hope day gets better man. If it doesn't, a cool frosty one after work sounds well earned.

  3. It's Saturday for me!

  4. suck that nasty ass??? Nah!! lolol

  5. Yo, Larue - many years ago, way back in the day, a wise old NorthWest coast indian taught me how to predict bad Winter coming: YOU KNOW IT IS GOING TO BE A BAD WINTER WHEN WHITE MAN BUILD BIG WOOD PILE.

    Works every time!

    Hang in there Ornery. I used to HATE crawling into tanks and engines and pulling propeller shafts and all that shit...then I got hurted in a shipyard. THEN I got an insurance company judge. NOW I got fucking Social Security which, I suppose, is better than a poke in the eye, eh?

  6. I gots sunshine and a nice breeze here now. Best job in the world is weatherman in the Northwest. They tell us all about the rain and the snow, be wrong 75% of the time and still get paid 6 figures.

    I work this afternoon...dealing with the public, I should get hazard pay.

    And if I get another soccer mom who lifts her snot-nosed tot up on my counter again, spewing Ebola or H1N1 all over my fucking space again, I'm gonna call a Haz Mat team.

    Still can't shake the cough I got from the last rugrat.

  7. billbush3:04 PM

    Man, this video clip AND the comments that follow it are the saddest and funniest things in days:

    Force yourself to endure it all. It really gets rolling about 2:00 to 2:40, and when he gets out the "mud bucket" you'll be ready to hurl, but endure! He apparently has a series of videos on youtube, but I lack strength to tackle another one today. If he is not the future of the conservative movement today, then what future do they have? this just makes a Monday, doesn't it?

  8. billbush5:47 PM

    PS to last comment: forgot to credit finding the link above on Pam Spaulding's blog, which is a North Carolina blog that, while southern, is not the kind of southern that makes you wish you could change your accent. Just the opposite!