Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Sincerest Condolences

I weep for the loss of a woman I never met.

Mrs. Linda Rawles, wife of SurvivalBlog author,James Wesley Rawles, has passed away after a long illness.
He expressly asked that no Emails be sent so I am directing my condolences from here.

Like I said, I never met the lady, yet I am shedding tears because she put out a help wanted article for her replacement that tore my heart.

God speed Linda.

I have something in my eyes.


  1. Damn... Not only has James lost his wife, but we've all lost a truly unique and precious soul. I got some of those in my eyes too Busted. Indeed, God speed Linda Rawles, may you rest in peace knowing that now you are in a much better place.

  2. My heart goes out to Mr. Rawles...his lady must have been a very special person indeed!

  3. My heart and prayers go to Mr. Rawles and his children. Didn't know her personally, but by her words I knew her values, principles and love for her family. She is in a much better place. I pray for peace and healing for those who will miss her greatly.


  4. Losin me, or mine, or reading about others who have, is enuff to make my eyes leak.

    Here's to the woman, the husband, and the family and friends at hand.

    The loss is hell. Bless her.

    Our time will come. All of us.