Sunday, September 27, 2009

Oakland VS Denver

I hope The Raiders Kick Denvers ass.
Fuck Denver.

I'll be home sometime later today but I have a buttload of things to do when I get there. We shall see what kind of mood I am in if Oakland fucks this up.

Thanks fer stopping by.


I am beyond any personal insults.
I was born in Oakland in 1960, I am a life long fan.
The team came into existence in 1959.

Fuck Denver , Fuck The Fucking SeaHawks and Fuck Me.

They lost again?

I will be having a personal conversation with someone on the impact of that in my life.

No money was transferred as a result of this conversation.


  1. They need to run McFadden more! and actually learn how to catch a football.

  2. I'll dream that dream with you - But Al Davis could fuck up a crowbar.


  3. Ugh.... Football (beats head against wall). Whatever floats yer boat I guess! BTW, weren't they called the "Chokeland Faders"? Heh heh heh, jest kiddin'....

  4. Not only did Jemarcus toss it away, and the receivers dropped balls, the Fuckin Niner's managed to give one away to Favre (love Favre, I'm torn) because they couldn't run a clock out in 3 minutes and get a first down or two to end the fucking game.

    They gave Favre 80 yards in a little over a minute, and 12 seconds to go on 3rd down.

    And the old man fucking nailed it for the win.

    Fuckin Niners, fuckin Raiders. I been sayin this for too long now. I might take up watching Canadian Lawn Bowls. Bastids, both teams.

    I don't KNOW how Plunkett can keep doing his tv show . . . (he's got a show runs in Sacto/Bay Area/Cable, on Raiders, weekly summary with another guy). It's GOTTA hurt him deep inside.

    It's all killin me, Busted. Fuckin fucks.

  5. DB, I"m gonna use that one. It's perfect. Fuck up a crowbar, go to jail, MF. Good one, DB, never heard it.

  6. Didja catch the SeaSquaks new uniforms...looks like last night's mojito coming back on me.

    since when is lime fucking jello a color for an NFL team?

    I turned down tickets to this charade because I had better things to do on my Sunday, like fix a goddamn flat tire.

    Which is extra difficult when you can't open your goddamn trunk! The cable broke that trips the latch and the key is useless since the previous owner broke her key in the lock.

    Had to crawl my fat ass through the back fucking seat to unlatch the hatch, now the fucker won't shut.

    After looking at the tire, it's a lost cause. No fixing it, it'll be a new one. And didja know? No fucking tire shops open on God-fucking Sunday!

    Heard the motherfuckers lost...good! Get some real uniforms next week.

    I need a shot and a beer.