Tuesday, September 15, 2009

We Are All In This Together

Which pisses me off no end.

We keep giving these asshole Bankers so much money that if they had to eat it they would choke to death.

Billions of dollars have been handed out as bonuses, Trillions of dollars have been spread out to cocksuckers that no one will tell us about.

If one percent, had to eat every fucking dollar that went missing and wanted Ranch dressing, could any one of us afford Oil and Vinegar?

Fuck no, we can't afford the oil or or the vinegar.

The paper money that has been spread around is staggering in it's proportions, one can only hope that those who have been so furiously trying to hide it end up eating the ass out of a dead bull, with no salt, no pepper, no honeys, no hot tubs, no fucking Ferrari's and a serious case of Who The Fuck Are You, Bubba?

Maddoff was a diversion, they knew about that asshole years ago.
Anyone else notice there has been a few Financial assholes offing themselves lately?
Kinda like the guy that was in charge of auditing the Rockefella Group funds?
How about that Blogojevich fund manager?

How fucking stupid do you think we are? Kinda like the apparent suicide of that Madam who said if she turned up dead ya kinda knew that some very nasty people would make it look like a suicide? Yeah, she hung herself, right.
The lady was getting paid to have sex.
I did notice that these so called suicides are very second page news and don't last a whole fucking day.
The Scapegoats are going to be conveniently dead when the shit hits the fan.

Pay attention, the ass fucking is still in progress, ya just kinda like don't seem to mind much anymore,give Bubba some sugar.


  1. I mind.

    Fuck Bubba.

    I don't do sugar.

    What's yer point, hoss?

    Yo hate them.

    I hate them.

    We ALL hate them.

    No action, no change.

    We're at a point, it's gonna require ACTION, like the 60's and early 70's street action.

    Like the action in the early 60's for civil rights.

    Loud, large civil disobedience.

    Fuckin teabaggin shits of crap put up 70K in DC.

    We put up millions, back then.

    Time to do it again.

  2. Thanks for the favor, Busted.

    Glad you were moved to say it out loud.

    I also have been wondering how many of these creeps are only Ken Lay dead.


  3. Anonymous5:52 AM

    Get a rope and lets PAR-TEEE!!!

  4. It's all about the power. Money is just numbers on a spreadsheet but it translates to what these motherfuckers can do TO us that matters.

    The corporations laugh at our little whinefests about how we're going to take them down, regulate them, and make them pay.


    They have us by the short hairs and they know it. They have every member of Congress securely placed up their back pocket. There won't be any real reform on Wall Street until we clean out Capital Hill with a fire hose.

    Just look at that weasel Max Baucus. Have you seen that lateset picture of him? He has the perfect 'fuck all you little people' smile. For weeks, he's been giving us the finger while he whores for the insurance companies and Big Pharma. Now we can see the fruits of his labors. You could fertilize all of Montana with that crap.

    it's gonna take more than telling our congresscritter to grow a set and get to work. They won't make a move against their sugar daddies for any broke-assed voter.

    This is gonna take a couple of million pissed off people marching on Wall Street with ropes.

    This ain't teabaggin'. This is JUSTICE for ALL.

  5. Stop your bitching.Liberal fucks like you created this mess.

  6. When I was a kid, I got a job working a rodeo parade. Lots and lots of horses. Guess what my job was? I had a wagon and a shovel.

    George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and the rest of the Right Wing were leading the America's parade for eight years...well, guess what they did?

    Liberals won the 2008 election and got a wagon and a shovel.

    Any questions?

  7. This shit didn't start with Bush,it started with Clinton.Liberal fucks.

    Guess what my job was?

    Abusing horses.

  8. Yeah, Good Old Rebel, apparently you don't pay much attention.

    Democratic administrations the economy booms, Republican administrations it tanks.

    Republicans were in charge for the last eight years and took the economy straight into the toilet.

    So please explain how "Liberal fucks" "created this mess."


  9. Anonymous11:30 AM

    Good ole rebel, WTF dude. Congress was controlled by the repukes from 1994 to 2006. Do you for one second think that the clusterfuck they created can be fixed with a point of the finger. Get real dude. They created generational problems that will be a long time in the fixin. But you good ole boys keep pointing and shooting without knowing what your shooting at or better yet not giving a shit. Besides I would rather be an open minded liberal than a Closed minded racist inbred bigot. How's that taste Jackass.


  10. Slow down...listen:

    You can not spend your way out of debt! Everything the government has ever touched/owned has gone broke (can you say Postal Service, followed by Monopoly? Hell, how the f*ck do you loose money on a monopoly like the post office. An effing retard could make money off that thing!

    Lets stop the republican/democratic bad mouthing...its about being an American. We need to stick together and think clearly here.

    And for the above post:

    I'd rather be a conservative nut job than a liberal with no nuts and no job.