Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Wet Cats Suck

What the hell is it that it goes from 104 to 102 to 69 and raining like a motherfucker?
I guess the old saying here in the Pacific Northwest is true, " If ya don't like the weather, wait ten minutes".
Gnarly thunderstorms at 7 am yesterday , today, overcast all day with showers and now pouring rain. Meh, at least I don't have to water the garden.
In other news,
My fucking cat has learned to knock on the door when it wants in, I shit you not.
I have not seen it but I have heard it, it sounds just like someone rapping their knuckles on the door.
I ask "who is it", and no answer, so I get up and slam the door open and Baby comes flying through the door, ain't no one else out there.
Tricky little shit!

Of course today she is soaking ass wet and immediately wants to jump up on my lap and rub chins.
Sorry cat, get the fuck off me and go, wait, it is already happening, lick yer ass.

I guess she got tired of scratching and pulling at the bottom of the door while meowing in an obnoxious voice, now it's all about wanting to sell me something long enough to get her head in the door.

The next guy who tries to tell me how smart his dog is, is going to get a smart assed cat thrown at him, it will keep them both busy so I can relax in peace.

I can tell this cat to go lay down and it sulks off and starts licking itself and finally crashes out.
It doesn't bother me anymore after I tell it to lay down.
Try that with a girlfriend sometime.

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  1. I've got a tuxedo cat that's pretty smart. She gets a bath about once a month and loves it. Hates the hair dryer though.