Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Olympic Diving

Normally the only thing I use my TV for is an alarm clock.
As I was trying to set the thing to wake me up tomorrow, I happened upon some ladies diving.

I hate to say this out loud but this ain't my first time of watching the Olympics.
As I watched these young ladies (little girls to this old bastard), all I could do was root for them to do the best that they could, they have amazing talent!

I wasn't looking at what country they were from, I was watching and rooting for the individual young person who had busted their ass to finally get where they were at, in front of the world, doing the best they could do. What else could anyone see except for one young individual up there beating down their personal insecurities long enough to shine at what they do for the amount of time as a sunrise looked at through a microscope?

My hat is off to every one of the contestants in these world watched games. I don't give a shit where they are from, I am personally rooting them on as individuals ,
just being there to compete is enough to make them one out of millions.


  1. I've never dived head first from anywhere near that height. I can't imagine what that would be like.

    I like watching the diving, too. I'm particularly fond of female diving events, for some reason ...

  2. That's the same way people looked at these games for years until politics were entered as a sport. Politics of course were always part of it but not like now.

  3. Awwwww....underneath that crusty exterior is just an old sentimental softie. I knew it. :)

    (You're right, though.)

  4. I understand that. Weird because I swam competively for 6 years (year round). I must admit I was a bit disappointed when the Chinese women took 1, 2 in the 200 fly, and I was thrilled when Jason Lezak busted a move and the US men took two golds with his help.