Sunday, August 17, 2008

High Heat, High Humidity ,A Furball Revolt And Some Good Luck

I just came in from outside, talking to one of my neighbors, I couldn't take it anymore.
Yesterday it was 102, Friday it was 104, today, I don't know what the hell the temperature is but I can tell you the humidity is off the charts.

Just standing there talking, I had sweat pouring off of my pointy little bald head so bad it was running in my eyes and blinding me.
I am freaking drenched in sweat right now.
There is supposed to be a front come in off the ocean tonight and bring thunderstorms, I can tell you without hesitation that they are coming.
It was so hot Friday my little A/C unit was crying it's eyes out trying to do it's part.
It has been on since Wednesday.
I got off of work and came home to qather up a couple of furballs and toss them inside to ease their suffering.
I don't like cat hair all over but I'm not a heartless motherfucker either.
Baby Girl had a fit.
She was having none of that. I guess because she doesn't have any front claws, she has been an inside cat for ten years and when I threw her shedding ass outside she decided she liked that very much, thank you.
I was trying to bring some things inside and every time I would open the door she was in escape mode, I would have to grab her and throw her on the bed so I could get inside the door.
I finally got inside the Rat Hole, what a disaster this place is, it's embarassing.

Anyway, I cracked open a cold one and while waiting for the sweat to stop, read some news. The whole time, Baby Girl is yowling like a Banshee.
Baby on the other hand just made herself at home and kicked back on the end of the bed and started licking her ass, as cats are wont to do for hours on end.
I finally couldn't take the caterwauling and opened the door, gave her a parting gift on her way out and told her she was on her own in this heat wave, stupid cat.

She has taken up a post right under the front of my work truck, she comes up and rubs against my leg when I come or go and Follows me out to the garden and generally makes a nuisance of herself.
I caught her mauling my catnip plant the other day, rolling all over it like a dog, higher than a kite. That was hilarious.

As fer my little dose of good luck I am very thankful.
I spent all day yesterday hiding out at the club, playing Hold 'Em Poker.
I pretty much broke even, including all the drinks and lunch, so I can't complain.
I have a buddy down there who is Retired Navy. We have an agreement not to talk politics. He is a fervent Bush supporter.
Anyway, the guy makes WICKED GOOD biscuits and gravy sometimes on Sundays and today was one of those days.
So as I am waiting for my breakfast and sucking on a cold one at eleven in the morning, I decide that I have too much money in my pocket ( I am allergic to money, if it is within reach, it has to go away)and throw ten bucks into a pull tab bowl that has 102 dollars as the top winner.
Bigger than shit, I hit it.
Then I hit it again, all on the same ten dollars.

Normally I ain't this smart but for once I didn't throw a bunch of money back into any other bowls, I tip my other buddy, the bartender, twenty bucks , then
I wolfed down my biscuits and gravy and got the hell out of there!

I decided to go down to Bi Mart to get a few things for stocking up on and lo and behold, I hit the mother load.
They had 23 quart pressure canner's on sale for 87 dollars!
That is way cheap, WAY cheap!
I snagged one of those, a new rack for my hot water canner, some new jars with lids and rings, some wax, pectin, and can grabbers and lid grabbers.I also snagged some extra lids too.
I am determined to start canning some things, especially what is coming up in the back yard.
I remember helping my Granny can during the summer when I was just a little Ornery Bastard. I am certain I can do this, I do want to get the Ball Home Canning and Preserving book though. It's called the Blue Book but I didn't feel like typing The Blue Ball Book, LOL.
Then I went over to sporting Goods and bought some ammo for the guns I haven't shot in years.
That is coming, since I have to wear glasses to keep from falling off the edge of the earth anymore, I need to go re sight every thing.
All in all, a very good day. If this humidity would let up, I might acually decide to do something.

Here is another link to help preparing some food storage, this lady flat out amazes me, she reminds me of my dear departed Granny SO much!
If you have a question about canning and preserving your own food that she can't answer, it can't be done!
Meet Jackie Clay!

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  1. throw ten bucks into a pull tab bowl that has 102 dollars as the top winner.

    What the fuck is a "pull tab bowl"?