Thursday, August 14, 2008

Too Late.

The motherfuckers won while I was passed out back in the eighties.
At this point I highly recommend placing your head between your knees and kissing yer ass goodbye.
In case you weren't paying attention, ya need to start reading this guy every fucking day.
Just for fun, here is an article that should make yer ass pucker.
I have lots more, one at a fucking time.

Oh, by the way, the current flap going on with Russia?
Yeah, SHINY, ain't it?
Ask yer neighbors how they are doing.
The foreclosure rate in California,ALONE, is ONE THOUSAND, THEE HUNDRED, PER DAY.
Georgia, SHINY.

I am going to start linking to some sites that are going to make you think about taking some preemptive steps to get ahead of the coming shit storm.
Take a minute to think bout what you have immediately on hand to weather out a short term emergency. Then take a long look around at what the fuck is coming our way. I do believe that we all need to start looking down the road to some serious instability, in other words.
Wise the fuck up, this country is Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.
It is right on schedule, but it is out of the control of the wise assed motherfuckers that gamed the system. The first clue you should have got was when we got volunteered to bail out Bear Stearns.
Fannie and Freddy Mac was the death blow.
Whoo Hoo.I love getting blinded by tinfoil in the morning, especially when it was used to wipe someones ass.
Read the fucking links.
The whole fucking world is about to get punked.
Have a nice day and don't forget to vote.
It gives them something to do, changing the propaganda to fit the latest polls.


  1. In the land of troglodytes, the erudite man is food.

    We will dance on the edge for the rest of my lifetime. It will get acutely ugly in spots, at times, but inertia will hold things roughly together.

    If we learn; manage to stop the inanity, I have hope that the reconciliation with our departure from common sense will be short-lived. Bloody and brutal, but short-lived.

  2. In the land of troglodytes, the erudite man is food.

    Damn, that's good! That's going up at the Brain as QotD.

    I left a comment over there about the CA foreclosure situation.

    As for the rest of yer post, I'm taking my metal detector out to the back yard to try and find my old bomb shelter...