Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Hey, I'm On Vacation, Remember?

So anyway, I have been sleeping like a bear in winter,I fucking love naps and I am going to take another one in a minute here.
In the meantime, I keep forgetting to tell you about a couple of new sites, Dammit!
Get yer asses over to Al the Spook and Tex Betsy's new joint, Spook and Muffin's Relaxed Politics.

It's nice and laid back, there aren't any flame wars and Tex Betsy is the shit when it comes to yummy goodies.
Al the Spook, if you have never heard of him you are missing the fuck out, the guy is a genius.

Now then, I know from personal experience there are a ton of you crazy people that like cats.
I know, I know, don't point fingers.
A friend of mine has started a brand new site devoted to the little furballs and she blames me for starting it.
'Scuse me?

Anyway, Go see my good friend VG and catch some entertaining cat videos, tell her Busted sent ya.

Seriously, I think this one haz potential, think Lolcats!


  1. Hey Busted!

    Thanks so much for the linky.

    I only caught it just now.

    Of course I blame you!

    I've been reading Glenzilla and Marcy and all the great comments there re: the Anthrax "investigation".

  2. Hey dude, how have I missed your blog all this time? Funny stuff.

    - RM