Saturday, August 02, 2008

Gettin' Tuned Up

I have a feeling I just might have something to say a bit later.


Woo HOO!
I done knocked my silly ass out, twice!
I love being on vacation.
I did have an interesting encounter with a pretty cute lady that I met earlier tonight. I have seen her before but couldn't place her. My ex introduced me,they are roomies now. I owed the Ex a dinner for doing my taxes and I didn't feel like eating so I sent them both out for Prime Rib and the cute one actually came back to thank me and gave me a hug.
I kept warning her I am crazy but I'm thinking the Ex had some thing to do with that.
Crap, I just might have to get cleaned up and try to pass myself off as a member of productive society!


  1. Anonymous3:25 PM

    Nice! I just happen to be sipping some Jameson as we speak, so we could be on the same wavelength later.

  2. I'll stick to beer and ales. Does that make me the DD? I haven't been on speaking terms with spirits in many, many years.
    Leinie Honey Weiss @ 37 degrees on a 85 degree day...

    I do have the Drifty shelf. It's safe. Well, except for the Maccallan 18 year which met a horrible, but memorable, demise.

    When he gets thirsty, he can have the Bushmill's 16 year, The Cragganmore 12 year, the Auchenstoshan Lowland, The Hangar One Vodka and the Millagro Reposada. Plus the Whiskey Bible.

    Unless descended upon by ravenous marauders, it will await pick-up or delivery arrangements.

  3. busted be sure to remember to close your mouth when ya go to sleep - don't wanna wake up with kitty hair interfering with that bit of the hair of the dog that bit ya.

  4. Anonymous8:44 AM

    Heck, getting cleaned up is hardly ever a loosing proposition. . .