Sunday, August 24, 2008

No Rest Fer The Wicked, Round Two

Saturday morning, I wake up way too early and decide to go back to sleep after getting up to take a leak.
I finally drag my ass out of bed about nine o'clock and I am still wore out from yesterdays marathon.
I get dressed, after realizing that the fucking clothes I took to the folks to dry are still siting there in the basket other than what I wore down there.
I get moving and go down to the club and have a cup of coffee because they aren't serving breakfast today.
Two cups later, I am shaking like a dog shitting peach pits, I just can't drink coffee like I used to, it tears me up.
So, fuck it, time for an adult beverage.
Or two, OK, maybe three.

After a couple hours of sitting there bullshitting, I realize that I am not getting a damn thing done so I head home.
I open the door and sigh.
Lots of it, is waiting.
So I start packing the shit out to the truck, basket after basket. You would think I would do this on a more regular basis but I ain't that smart, I have too many clothes so I just keep piling them up.
Anyways, I go down to the laundry mat and start in.
It took a whole row of washers, plus one of the industrial sized MOFO's because I took some bedding too.

Of course, there just happens to be a bar next door, how conveeeeeenient.
Five hours and thirty dollars worth of quarters later, I am feeling no pain and have a TRUCK LOAD of clean clothes to get home, about six blocks and it is getting dark.

I unlock the door and HOLY SHIT, I have a catastrophe on my hands, a water line let go and there is fucking water everywhere!

Forget bringing any clothes in, there is no place to put them down because the water had been coming from underneath my bed and the bed spread hanging down had gotten soaked and siphoned the water off the floor and soaked every fucking inch of bedding too!

I ran out and turned the fucking water off and proceeded to clean up what I could so I could start stripping all the bedding off and threw it outside on my little car sitting there and wipe off the plywood under all of it as best I could.

Fortunately, I had some plastic sheeting and a sleeping bag to throw down, along with the bedding I had just washed so I could fall down and go to sleep!

This is day two, I still have today to survive, coming on the next post.

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