Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I Seem To Be Having A Problem

There is so much fucking shit that I see every MOTHER FUCKING DAY, that I am burnt out.


These fucking asshole Republicans are going out of their way to trick fuck anyone not in their personal circle, that I wish I could get all the way across this country in one day and have a personal chat with these fucking assholes.It would be a short conversation.

You have got to be fucking kidding me, these cunt warts are still trying to mold the discourse and Legislation in this country of over THREE HUNDRED MILLION INDIVIDUAL CITIZENS?!!
Less than ONE HUNDRED,recalcitrant, hissy fit throwing, corporate cock sucking whores are stalling every piece of legislation, every judicial nomination, will not agree that the insurance and pharmaceutical companies in this country are a fucking monopoly and that just being a douchebag is not enough for a public rebuke?
LESS THAN ONE HUNDRED PEOPLE are completely stopping the business of the people of America out of spite.

Think about THAT shit for a minute.

The next time I hear some ignorant fuck try and frame the Media in this country as being Liberally Biased, some ignorant Fuck is going to get dragged down MAIN STREET, all the way to the nearest Dead Tree outlet and be slammed against the fucking Paper Box until I hear Uncle.

Wake. The . Fuck. Up..

Jesus H. Fucking Christ.

Why in the world am I still subject to Bill Kristol?
The guy has been dead fucking wrong on every God Damn thing he has inflicted his opinion on me for the last ten fucking years, has been bouncing around the idiot boxes in TV land, been tossed the fuck out of more God Damn Right Wing Think Tanks and Right Wing Welfare Dead Tree opinion cush jobs that I care to fucking count and yet here he is, spouting his dead wrong opinions.

Bobo Brooks.
Retire before Driftglass turns you into a Cottage Industry.
I love Drifty but you make it too fucking easy.

Peggy Noonan, LMAO,Tengrain has yer ass down, all the way to your 'Ample Calves". has you down to a tee. You are a laughingstock.

Let me tell ya, if you haven't been following this series, spend some time and go look up the previous entries.
It is beyond hysterical if you have ever heard of The Magic Dolphin Lady.

Dammit, now I gotta give another shout out to Driftglass, the dude is my fuckin' hero.

Charlie Krouthammer?
Dude Go polish your knob, you couldn't find your way through any serious discussion of foreign policy to save your life. Jesus Christ you are an arrogant fuck , go blow Richard Pearle , another dead wrong Neocon fuck who has no accountability.

Rush Limbaugh?
Just explode like the Hindenberg and be done with it.
Glenn Beck?
I just wiped you off my ass.

I have had enough of this Bullshit you call news, Fox, it has been demonstrated so many times that you are lying sonsabitches that distort the facts that the FCC should have shut you down years ago. It just goes to show that money and not facts, is king.
Fuck you, that is THE reason I gave away my television and why I have a hard time spending time in any public establishment anymore.

If I walk in and see FAUX NEWS on, I leave.

Kiss My Fucking Ass.



I could give a Rats Ass about the Right Wing Spin and I could really give a shit if Brittany or Brad and Angelina, Madonna, Elton fucking John, OctoMom or anyone else is gettin' any.

Get a fucking clue.

Who gives a fuck what Newt Gingrich thinks and why the fuck do you go out of your way to put that in front of my face?

How about you fuckers report about Dick Fucking Cheney tying Alberto Gonzalese's record for "Not Recalling", under oath, when questioned by the F Be Fucking I, that he 'Can't Recall' if he actually outed Valerie Plame, an undercover CIA agent investigating , within an undercover , government paid for, CIA front company with hundreds of covert contacts just who and how many of our adversaries were trying to or had, developed NUCLEAR FUCKING WEAPONS,
72 Mother Fucking Times?
If I was that no good lying sonofabitch Scooter Libby, I would be a bit miffed right about now.
How about some " Extraordinary Rendition" now?
Give me a week with that guy, a little Iron Maiden, no sleep and some gay porn and I would break his ass , I guarantee ya. Damn, I almost forgot the dogs and the freezing cold he thought was OK to use on "Brown People".
Why the fuck he ain't in jail is a testament to what the fuck is wrong with this country.

Kiss my fucking ass.

If you think I am threatening the former Vice President of the United States of America, let me ask you this, what did he do to every citizen of this country for eight fucking years?

If I get drunk and wind up with a dose of the clap, that means there are some consequences for my actions.

Outing Valerie Plame?
Get the Fuck Out, ya can't remember who ya talked to? I call Bullshit, BIG TIME,and I am just a target of your propaganda. One skinny little guy who pays a bit of attention.
Fuck You.

Apparently Dementia is a defense against treason, if that is Dick Cheney's excuse for deliberate treason, he needs to be in a nursing home and most certainly not on every God Damn so called Political viewpoint piece of shit fucking news show on Sunday mornings and I still call Bullshit.
Damn straight, " I don't Recall" won't work for me when I get pulled over and it pisses me off to the point of distraction they let that shit play for National Security issues.
Fuck. That. And Fuck You.

Don't EVEN get me started on this Horseshit with the banker assholes.

I am tired to death of getting fucked over by my so called " Fellow Citizens" who are apparently above any fucking law that I can get nailed for, tazed for or shot to death because I didn't bow down to the Police.
Sorry, no White Collar here.

I want an ARMY of special prosecutors to go after these lying mother fuckers and I also want special circumstances invoked for extra lengthy sentences. RICO says it all.

We have just sat by and watched the biggest transfer of wealth in the history of the civilized world happen before our very eyes, and contrary to the wishes of the electorate, they ran it through and now 1% of the population of this country has now more physical wealth, than 95%of the rest of the entire country, and our Elected officials went out of their way to make that happen, on purpose.

Have a nice fucking day and get used to boxes of Macaroni and Cheese to feed your children, if you can get any.

Geithner has already been called out publicly, Bernanenke and the rest of those crooked sonsabitches have too, it makes no difference at this point, the fucking damage is done, ya can't get too far without wheels under your engine, ours fell off last year.


  1. WOW !! What a great Rant Busted!! I Do share your sentiments about this Class Warfare!!

  2. What can I say, I been slacking and was over due.

    Thanks for stopping by my friend.

  3. Yeah, as Nahant said, good rant.

    It IS Class Warfare!

    But Busted, lemme ask ya this.

    Who or what do ya blame?

    In one sentence, less than 25 words.

    Who do ya blame?

    Later on, we can talk about fixin this shit.

  4. Oh, and Norton Buffalo died yesterday, or Monday or Sunday.

    The fucker was out on tour with Stevie Git Miller last year and this summer, and felt so bad he couldn't play or sang.

    Saw a doc, found out he had cancer.

    Took a month or more to go to the outlands of somewhere like North Dakota for alt healing of the mind and soul.

    Came home to NorCal, and died in two weeks.

    Never stood a chance. Went herbal, and dead at 58.

    A guy we shoulda had ten more years from for his music.

    Human's? I can't figger them out anymore.

  5. You covered a lot of it Busted. There's just more going on here in respect to making these people accountable and the ones that can do something about it aren't.

    The media-well our sheep are really fucking dumb and that helps these fuckers a bunch.

    I hate to be such a pessimistic fucker but I don't think we're getting this back. If it wasn't in place to do so in 'o6 it was all there in 'o8 and look where we're at. Cheney allowed just like the rest to just forget. Move on asshole-get the fuck outta here we'll think for ya.

    If just maybe if there were 300 Graysons in the house and 59 in the senate well----

  6. Great rant! Lettin' off steam is good for yer head and really the whole point of blogging. A lot cheaper than either a shrink or a shooting spree.

    I was sorry to hear about Norton Buffalo too. Posted his obit.

  7. i like to think katymine and norton are enjoying some fine music together.

    excellent rant busted -- how the hell do we fix this? can it be fixed?

  8. So you're cool with the left wing spin? Me, I want no spin at all. I could give a shit about some TV airhead's fucking opinion, or some commie retread newspaper editor. No thanks, "just the facts ma'am". They're all liars, and they're all complicit in the buttfucking of this country, just from different angles. Follow the money....

  9. tsisageya4:47 PM

    I just love your rants.

    They complete me.

  10. tsisageya4:55 PM

    And Larue, actually herbal IS the way to go. It's just that white man doesn't know shit from shinola.


  11. Uh huh you do understand what I'm going through

  12. Tsis, what does that have to do with what Norton did?

    How do you know who he contacted, that they were white?

    And frankly, the cancer Norton had, cuz he NEGLECTED it, wasn't gonna get cured by herbal.

    Herbal might be good for first discovery, but at some point, science and medicine gotta take over.

    He's dead. That oughta put the cork in it, frankly.

    No, I don't dig, cuz I disagree, completely.


    You ain't hepper than me, I ain't hepper than you, but you wanna play the hep game.

    Go heal yerself. You don't need me. And if you were so kewl with it all, you never would have mentioned it in the first place.

  13. OH Larue... you are so succinct in your reply's... Keep up the great work

  14. That's tellin' 'em like it is, son.

  15. Here's what your liberal whores are doing to us! Here's what this treasonous bitch Nancy Pelousy is trying to pull on us!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE!!! Bush and Cheney aren't the only ones who've pulled a train on our asses!!! Take those GOD DAMNED fucking liberal rose colored glasses off and fel the buttfucking which we are bout to receive!!! http://www.weeklystandard.com/weblogs/TWSFP/2009/11/pelosi_breaks_pledge_to_put_he.asp

  16. Dude, no worries, you still have the Republican plan as a backup. if yer babies get sick,, take 'em to the Emergency Room.

  17. Pelosi did WHAT to my WHAT THE FUCK? Busted had a righteous rant going and then Pelosi did something? What was that, I missed it somehow. I thought Pelosi was trying to get solar panels on everyone's roof and medical insurance for everyone. WTF? OVER?

  18. Busted, you called it all wrong.

    If your babies are sick they need to die, FAST.

    That's the GOP plan.

    And fuck anyone who says I'm wrong about Norton's dying.

    I read about it a month or more ago, and was angry he said was goin up north for healing.

    I knew at that moment, he was dead.

    And anyone can google up his last year to see that he KNEW he was sick and never sought treatment until the last moment.

    And then, he never used science, he died, the way he likely wanted to.

    And if that's what Tsis is all about, well, I can't fault people for choosing their own routes to the passing, can I.

    But I can damned well be pissed he passed up what might have kept him alive, if not cured. And maybe, still doing his thing on this planet.

    Cus his thing was fucking MAJESTIC!!!!

    Fucking majestic. It was.

    Harumph. Love ya Norton.
    Then and now.
    Love ya.

  19. tsisageya6:15 PM

    Please accept my heart-felt apologies for being insensitive. I also actually agree with you. Perhaps it's me who is at fault.