Friday, November 13, 2009

I Was Never A Big Fan

As a matter of fact, I barely knew who this chick was, just another attention whore with no talent.

Hell, I didn't even know she could sing.
I have seen a few pictures here and there, she is , out there, when it comes to style.
Who the fuck am I talking about?
Lady Gaga.

Who the fuck is Lady Gaga?

This chick;

She is gorgeous without all that fucking makeup and weird shit she wears.
She can sing too, surprise the shit out of me!

WTF ever, it's not metal this time.


  1. tsisageya4:06 PM

    Well, I came across the video and was "compelled" to not look away.

    Still, huh? Bad Romance. Okie dokie then.

    Is it the grand tushie, or what?

    I guess the sound could be worse but mainly I'd like it to just go away for Jesus Christ sake!

    Of course I know this isn't my blahg.

  2. I'll pass on the video. I'll give her 5 years with a middle age ponch and she'll go the way of Spears.

  3. busted honey -- i put up a lady gaga video back in october

    got bonus points from baby girl -- she was amazed that her old mom was 'hip'.

  4. Sorry Busted but Lady Gaga is a dude.Do some checking you will be shocked.

  5. Sorry Busted but Lady Gaga is a dude.

  6. Hold it down, I'll fuck it, hard.

  7. Gaga is gimmicky as shit. Not my cup o tea.

  8. I have NO idea if Gaga is male, female, or shemale.

    What I DO know is, it's lacking in talent, period.

    That this thing has gotten as much attention, hero worship and fame and fortune as it has, can only speak to the lack of taste of the unwashed and un condemed masses.

    This thing makes Madonna look talented.

    And we all know she ain't.

  9. Busted, Busted, Busted, Busted, Busted.

    Not Gaga.

    Not Madonna.

    Not even with YOUR dick.

    Dude, what were you THINKING!

    And dawg fuck forbid, what were you FEELING!

    You were drunk, weren'tcha.

    I mean, BLIND drunk.

    The kind of drunk when ya think you've scored the hottest babe in town, got her home, and found out Lola was Larry.

    And you STILL want to do it?

    Sailor, you are docked in the wrong port.