Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fuck The Fed

No fucking oversight, these pricks have fucked us until I saw two cows pass me this morning on the way in.

I was reading this article from the WAPO and can't tell if he is kissing their ass or calling to reform the fuckers, or both.

Shit or get off the pot boy.

The Fed is fucked up and needs to be spanked, hard.

Two things come to mind right off the bat.

Ben Bernananke and the Federal Reserve, BAD.Goldman Sachs, Worse.
I am thinking that there is some panic going on now that Dodd has has submitted legislation to strip the Fed of it's oversight.

The WAPO would be right in line to defend the Status Quo.

Helicopter Ben has been under increasing scrutiny with all this bail out horse shit he has been behind. Paulson should be in stocks.

His buddies at Goldman Sachs, who just last year were screaming like a kid in a house fire that they were going to go under and take the whole economy with them, are now trying to defend Thirty BILLION dollars in bonuses to their most extremely productive employees, or because they are doing Gods work or that they think that we are fucking stupid, what the fuck ever.

The Fed, Bernanenke, every mother fucker at Goldman Sachs and countless other thieving fucking bastards on Wall Street needs to have their asses kicked.

Thirty BILLION dollars would go a long ways to helping out the turkey farmers in this country, Thanksgiving is coming and there are a lot of hungry citizens who are going to do without.
Christmas is going to be a disaster this year, count on it, unless you work for one of these cock suckers.

The economy continues to crash and over fifteen thirty million people are out of work and these sonsabitches have the gall to give out thirty. fucking. BILLION. dollars in bonuses to the very people responsible for this misery.

Kiss. MY. Fucking. Ass.


  1. Anonymous5:43 AM

    I agree.

  2. Support Ron Paul. AUDIT THE FED. Then put their criminal asses in jail for a LONG fucking time! Better yet, label their asses and turn 'em loose on the street. Got baseball bat? Oh what fun...

  3. Dodd has SERIOUSLY put the shitz into the FED's panties.

    And that's a good thang!


  4. I gotta disagree. Putting politicians in charge of the Fed would be like putting an alcoholic in charge of the alcohol supply for an Army base or putting a pyromaniac in charge of the match supply for a tinder-dry forest. Politicians spend like a wino drinks, and give a politician a money printing press -- which is what the Federal Reserve fundamentally *is* -- would be a disaster like we haven't seen since the Weimar Republic Finance Ministry printed so much dough you needed a wheelbarrow to haul enough to the market to buy a loaf of bread, a disaster that basically printed Adolph Hitler into office.

    I like the way the Federal Reserve is currently set up -- politicians get some say, banks get some say, the top leadership is mostly economists from top universities, and if the shit they do is sometimes politically unpalatable I haven't seen anything that makes me go "hmm", they're doing exactly what all the economics handbooks say you're supposed to do when the country is falling into depression. Of course, the fact that Ben Bernanke wrote most of those economics handbooks might be part of the reason for why their response is so textbook :-). But my point is, most of the folks criticizing the Fed's actions have never even *read* a real economics handbook, much less have any understanding of what the Fed is doing or why. Instead, they're knee-jerking based on nothing more than superstition and "common wisdom" (a.k.a. NONSENSE). Which is *never* a good way to make policy decisions, sorry.

    - Badtux the Economics Penguin

  5. For moi, having the Fed deal with the banks is like the fox guarding the henhouse.

  6. Bad Tux, and any one else who would advocate the status quo is a GOOD thing?

    Yer fuckin batshit crazed and part of our problems!

    So get the fuck out of our change, will ya?