Friday, November 06, 2009

10.2% Unemployment

Double that and yer getting closer to the real numbers.

Oh, and the "Recession" is over, in case you hadn't heard.


There is more bad shit coming down the tube than you can shake a stick at.
Don't believe these lying sonsabitches, I haven't heard any fat ladies singing.


  1. Since you ask, the reason the "recovery" has been jobless is that the biggest corporations in the United States are international companies. They chase the cheapest labor on the planet to manufacture their consumer crap for sale in the Western World. The only jobs left in the United States under the new economic order are jobs that need face-to-face contact, like lawn maintenance and blowjobs.

  2. "But the stock market's up a bazilionty percent!"

    Yeah, shaddap, most people have nothing to do with it and the bulk of it is rich fucks in NYC selling the same shit to each other over and over and picking up a few nickles on each handoff. The p/e ratio for the S&P500 is a fantasy joke. Anyone buying this market now is a sucker.

    Can't buy all that Chinese booty if you don't have a fucking job...

  3. As you know..I posted on the REAL unemployment number too.

    The Big O ain't any different than The Shrub when it comes to spouting bullshit and feeding us crap is he?

  4. Hey Dusty, I just fixed a glaring oversight on my part, yer on the Blogroll .

  5. But lots of fat men lying though.

    Thanks for covering this, Busted.

    I've been yelling about 20-30 million unemployed for the last two years.


  6. Hmmmmm.... Didn't some of those "hopey-changey" guys tell us unemployment wouldn't top 10%? FDR might have been the King of American Socialists, but at least he did put people to work. We got things like the Hoover Dam. Numerous state and national parks via the Civilian Conservation Corps. So I must ask, where are those "shovel ready jobs" that were promised? Because the number of people I know who could use one is increasing at an alarming rate... Those crooks in DC are playing politics with people's very lives, and that ain't cool....

    Heh heh, "verification word" suckou

  7. At least this time around they threw us some scraps to survive on. In the early 80s when Raygun was in power you got nothing.
    Forty has Wall Street pegged perfectly. It's just money chasing itself.