Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm Heartbroken

I only have one troll?

After four years of blogging some serious vitriol?

I am ashamed.

My only consolation is that he is prolific.

Have a nice day and thanks fer stopping by, Mr. Anonymous dude.


Right wing fucktards are a dime a dozen and all I get is one.
It's like going Trick or Treating as a kid and getting tooth paste.


  1. You scare 'em off, Nucks. Remember, underneath it all, the wingnuts are nothing but fraidy-cat cowards. Heh ...

  2. Hi Ornery,
    Congratulations on your new troll. You are an inspiration to us all. Keep up the good work.


  3. You can have some of mine...

  4. I don't get any. What am I doing wrong?

  5. Anonymous3:06 PM

    It's me again,Ben Dover.

    Glad you enjoyed the abuse you pervert.

    Do you really want to fuck that tranny Lady Gaga? You are one sick liberal puke.

  6. screwyCanuck4:11 PM

    Oh come on, troll, you're just phoning it in! Troll harder!

  7. dayam busted -- the quality of your trolls has really declined lately.

    looks like you have been assigned the d team of trolls. hardly worth flicking at

  8. Busted, it's early in the trollin game, and yer over reacting.

    Shirley, ewe have more sheep to fuck than one.

    If not, I might just have to go back to just reading your shit and not making comments.

    But until then, baaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    And somewhere, there's a bridge that's lonesome, for yer only one, hoss.

    Please, as yer clicky pal and avid loon supporter, let this one go back to the bridge that needs it.

    It's the right thang, and ewe know it.

  9. Hey, I guess that one is better than none, huh?

  10. I'm happy that I don't have any.

  11. the troll is really a fake troll on troll assignment