Saturday, November 07, 2009

Lets Get Back To Work

I sure as hell ain't as smart as Paul Krugman but we share the same thoughts sometimes.

I saw the economy tanking back in November of 2007.
What I didn't see was just how bad it was going to be and it is now worse than I imagined.

This country is FUBAR.

10.2% unemployment, the mortgage crisis is still burning like a Roman candle, the Commercial Real Estate nightmare is just beginning and now the cheerleaders are trying to tell us the recession is over.
Bull Shit.
The rest of the world is acting like sharks with blood in the water, they are dumping the dollar as the main trading mechanism.
Can't say I blame them, the dollar has lost 95% of it's value and Timmy boy and his buddies just dumped a few TRILLION of them out of Ben Bernanke's helicopter.

Let me just add this, when I can spell Ben's last name without looking? That's a bad thing.

This country needs productive things to do.

The bail out of the banks did exactly what for the average American?
Put his ass further into debt to the point his Grand children will be born screaming about it, that's what.

WE, THE PEOPLE, who are here and now need a fucking job.
The infrastructure of this country is in tatters as I type.
I hit a pot hole yesterday that a Volkswagon could fit in. Do you think the county has the money to fix it?
Hell no.

The money we pour into fighting TWO hopelessly lost wars needs to be redirected
back to Main Street, Your Town, right now.

We need to get our man power and resources back from half way around the world and put to use right here and we need to do it yesterday.

A guy can dream, this administration is as bad as the last one when it comes to realizing just how bad it is down here in reality land.

Eventually, the well is going to run dry, that would be you and me, and we just flat won't be able to cough up that last drop of blood to pay for this insanity, we will be too damn busy trying to feed ourselves.

Get a clue, you Warmongering idiots.

Continually repeating a failed strategy is the definition of insanity and I, for one, want to get out of the Hamster wheel.


  1. We need a real stimulus package, like the one that Krugman suggested back at the beginning. When you fart-fuck around, you end up with shit.

    Well, we got shit for a recovery. We needed a real fucking boost to our work force - jobs that could hump us back to real living, not just getting by. Jobs that provide food for your family, a roof over your head and a reasonable vehicle to take you around.

    What we got was a whole bunch of rich-assed bastards on Wall Street and only enough work to get a better cardboard box for your spot under the freeway.

    Obama needs to clean house on his staff. He's got corporate whores galore telling him to screw the American worker in favor of the Big Bastards. If you really care about the deficit, then get people back to work so that, as a country of hard working, dedicated healthy Americans, we can start dealing with the real causes of the deficit like the fucking wars, corporate greed and bullshit tax havens for rich assholes like Beck and Limbaugh.

    Bill Scher has a post up that claims that we are still a center left nation. That may be true but the rightard wingnuts are louder and more visible - especially on cable.

    We need to get back our juju. Wake the rabble-rousers up and get loud and obnoxious.

    I, for one, refuse to give the debate over to the likes of Michelle Backmann, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck.

    Put pressure on the cowards that call themselves Democrats.

    Yeah, I'm looking at you Rep. Brian Baird, you Blue cocksucking dog blower!

  2. tsisageya6:00 PM

    Let me just add this, when I can spell Ben's last name without looking? That's a bad thing.

    Ornery, you make me laugh like a little schoolgirl, even in the midst of a rant.

    Now I must go listen to the music.

  3. Thank you so much for the correction, my memory is shot.
    I gave ya a tip of the hat and changed it.


  4. 2007 was a terrible holiday retail season, & all through 2008 retail store stocks were tanking. We were in a recession then & we're still in one now.

  5. Me too.

    Thanks, Busted!

    You are one of the clearest thinkers commenting today.

    Where are the jobs to rebuild the country?


    P.S. I'm first in line.

    and I, for one, want to get out of the Hamster wheel.