Saturday, November 14, 2009

Here We Go Again

Jesus fucking Christ it is cold in here again.
Wrapped up like a God damn burrito and it is only November.

MUST. Get. Propane.

Sonabitch, even the cat is wanting to get cozy.


  1. Was it a three cat night?

    I just had to throw that in.

  2. was a SIX cat night for moi last it was in the 30's here in the South San Joaquin valley.

    Get that propane pronto jackass! ;)

  3. Hey you onery bastard, thow another blanket on brother. Just stopping in, not had a chance to visist in a while. Stay warm brother and get you some damn heat goin over there.

  4. dood -- and get a bigger propane tank. those little bbq bottles run out too dayam quick.

  5. For Dusty:

    And this one, written by Jim Ringer, a South Valley boy long ago. One of my heroes in music.

    Tramps and Hawkers (Jim Ringer/Other Music, ASCAP)

    I choose to see not the things that be or the miles and the years that have gone
    I pay no heed to tomorrow's need, I'm blinded by the snow and the sun
    Till all I can see is my darling and me, like young flowers blooming in spring
    Like flowers we grew and no other I knew but the rose of the San Joaquin

    The gypsies dance while stealing a glance at a seed that might blow in the wind
    And the fields are worked in a sweat-stained shirt, then the workers move on again
    And the tramps and hawkers with stories wild beguile a young boy's dreams
    Enticing me to leave my home and the rose of the San Joaquin

    I've watched the rise of light in the sky where the sun climbs out of the sea
    Seen giants fall in mountains tall where the lumbermen cut down the trees
    I've played in the sand with the Gulf Coast wind, fell asleep in the grass tall and green
    But nowhere I've been would I go back again except to the San Joaquin

    Well, the road back home is hard and it's long and the miles they turn into years
    And the tramps and hawkers in every town, oh God, but it brings me to tears
    When I got home I found just a flower on a mound where it shamed the green grasses of spring
    It grew from the grave of my darling little girl, the rose of the San Joaquin

    Oh see us today out on your highway or asleep in the doors of a train
    See the gypsies dance with their damn knowing glances, hear the peddlers shout out their refrain
    And who's gonna care, and who's gonna share all the joys and sorrows we've seen?
    Like ghosts we roam without friends or home, these tramps and hawkers and me
    Like ghosts we roam without friends or home, these tramps and hawkers and me

  6. It's in the fucking sixties here in the Northeast today!

  7. tsisageya5:04 PM

    You people and yer cats. I only have two (inherited) and I don't even like them, much less let them lay on me.

    Why do I love them so? Two UN-neutered male cats. Why? Once I started corraling them and voicing my displeasure at their random URINATION, I guess we came upon an understanding.

  8. Yeah, I was married once too.

    Pissing off the back porch was a favorite pass time.
    I only got in trouble for pissing off the front one, in broad daylight.

  9. I feel for ya. I was happy the temperature went up around these parts for a couple of days as we still have not bought any heating oil. Hope we have the money to buy some before it really gets cold. For now? A couple of space heaters and the cooking we do has been keeping the place plenty warm. But I know that won't cut it when the temperature really drops off.

  10. I have propane. Can't turn on the stove tho...the maintenance folks told me one price for repair parts, and then after I paid them, jacked it up by $190 more (not including $350 in labor). I told them to kiss my ass, give my money back and started again with another outfit. Course, that puts me at the bottom of the service queue....and yeah, getting cold here.