Friday, November 27, 2009

Thousands Of Lobbyists To Be Unemployed

Like that is a bad thing.
Welcome to the party bitches.

In a little-noticed blog post published on the White House website in September, President Obama's special counsel for ethics and government reform Norm Eisen announced that the administration no longer wanted federally-registered lobbyists appointed to agency advisory boards and commissions.

These appointees to boards and commissions, which are made by agencies and not the President, advise the federal government on a variety of policy areas. Keeping these advisory boards free of individuals who currently are registered federal lobbyists represents a dramatic change in the way business is done in Washington.


This is a step in the right direction, the foxes watching the hen house was never a good idea.Think Dick Cheney's Energy Task Force, something like that.

As has been reported, the President has made a commitment to close the revolving door that has in the past allowed lobbyists and others to move to and from full-time federal government service. In furtherance of this commitment, the President issued Executive Order 13490, which bars anyone appointed by the President who has been a federally-registered lobbyist within the past two years from working on particular matters or in the specific areas in which they lobbied or from serving in agencies they had lobbied.

Not some, not a few, THOUSANDS of these back door sonsabitches.


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  1. Hmm. Unfortunately that includes lobbyists for the homeless, the poor, and children's advocacy groups. I thought all lobbyists were evil also, but they are not.

    It's too bad when the rich take advantage of the system, everybody suffers.

  2. tsisageya3:03 PM

    I hadn't thought of that, nunya. Great point. Perhaps, those are the only lobbyists to be gone. That would be par for the course, wouldn't it?

    Sweet Jesus, I hate golf analogies!

  3. Anonymous3:28 PM

    This story should have a LOT more noise going for it than it has so far! But nunya is right - some lobbyists are not as evil as other lobbyists - a certain acquaintance has left a Big Business Corporation to become a lobbyist for small farmers cooperatives - jokes about being bribes paid in cabbages and tomatoes. So maybe it's just time to take the baby out of the sewage filled bathwater... that said, if the price for keeping that particular baby, though, is the fetid stinking bathwater, I can live without the baby...

    Nonny Mouse

  4. Most lobbyists break it off in our asses, so it's about time every last one of 'em gets their ass tossed out on the street. It ain't We the Lobbyists....

  5. i hope the evil lobbyists cant get jobs like the rest of the world