Sunday, November 08, 2009

A Great Resource

Dang it, I can't remember where I found this tonight and searching History was no help either. I like to give credit and link love for finds like this. If anyone knows where I saw it, let me know so I can correct this little tragedy because this site is AWESOME!

Don't know what to make for dinner tonight?
Just go to and plug in whatever ingredients you happen to have and it will give you several recipes. It will ask if you happen have a certain ingredient, if you do, you add it and it will give you even more recipe's. This is freakin' BRILLIANT!!

No more head scratching and they come up with some good stuff!

Try it, I was amazed.


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  2. Hey Busted... your right! Thanks for a really cool site link. It's bookmarked for sure!

    FYI my 'word verification' today is hashatic

  3. Uh, Busted, did u go to Megaan's link? I think you've been spammed. LOL

    You're right though, Super Cook is wonderful! My biggest problem is I have no food in the house, so it's difficult for the site to come up with any useful suggestions.

    I'd have to be pretty desperate to try "ketchup spaghetti":

    "#1 cook spaghetti as instructed on the packet.
    #2 when you come to serve, put on as much ketchup as you desire, it has a really unique taste to it."

    I'm sure it does! ROFLMAO!

  4. Karen Marie,
    I did indeed go to his site and he actually did put me on his Blogroll.
    Surprised the shit out of me.

  5. Yeah, busted, you've been comment spammed. I got it too. So you got on the blogroll of someone who simply copies and pastes from news articles. Big fucking deal. Do you know how many times I've caught people lifting my content in its entirety and passing it on as their own? How long do you think it'll take before this spamblogger does it to you? Come on, dude, you are on some REAL blogrolls (like mine). You con't need this spammer bullshit from someone who can't construct a coherent sentence.

  6. Wasn't gonna say nuttin, but if Jill speaks . . .

    I concur, his site is the pits, no redeeming news value there what so ever. Gotta be some kinda spammer game and who knows WHAT embeds we all picked up from going there.

    I'm on a mac. I don't think I picked up anything.

    You PC folks who hit that site, best run some spyware/virus ware to be safe.