Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday The 13th

It sure as fuck is.
I am having the day from hell.
If it CAN go wrong, it is.
One fucking thing after another and the day is only half gone.
It started last night and is doing the Energizer Bunny thing.

As Mayberry sez,

Stay tuned.


  1. tsisageya2:31 PM

    Bastard, now don't get mad at me but, whenever I'm having a very, very bad, terrible day, I try to remember to count my blessings. Sounds trite but it's actually not that easy until you start. Surely you are blessed in one way or another? I'm sure you are.

    I know that we are all blessed to have you.

    Besides, the Friday the 13th thing is nothing more than superstition. Did you know that?

    I thought you did.

  2. holy shit --- i totally spazzed on it being fri the 13th.

    shit fuck almighty no wonder my day had been down the crapper

  3. Friday, it came and went, with a number.

    So fuckin what?

    You people.

    Yer killin me.

    Pick wild 'shrooms and dance nekkid to the Vernal N Autumunl Equinox for fuck's sake.

    Get laid.

    Make music.

    Cook food.

    DO something.

    Fuckin 13th shit . . . . GET OVER IT! Already.


  4. tsisageya6:44 PM


    You silly.